Saturday 06th February 2016,
  • Punch Club PC Review

    Punch Club

    Sure, the game had me wondering if I should build a better diet or waste money on the equivalent of steroids and just go for

  • Slain_Start_Screen

    DCI 115: Spirit Wolf – Slain! Interview

    In this episode we talk to Andrew Gilmour of WolfBrew about the studio's first title, Slain!

  • Nuclear Throne PS4 Review

    Nuclear Throne

    I feel like most reviews of Nuclear Throne would start with the words “I hate you”, and this one is no different. I hate you,

void and meddler feature
Posted On February 5, 2016 | No Comments on Void and Meddler Episode 1

It really feels like Void and Meddler‘s Steam page is selling a different game than the one I played. “In a city where genders and species melt into each other, maybe she’ll find the long [...]


Most people aren’t good at talking about war, let alone portraying it in a fictional manner while keeping its feet in reality. Back in 2011, gamers experienced Homefront which used brutality in a strange way, [...]

Eve Valkyrie PC Preview
Posted On December 10, 2015 | No Comments on Preview Event: EVE Valkyrie

We head over to San Francisco for a look at CCP's upcoming EVE: Valkyrie [...]

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