Tuesday 29th July 2014,

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DCI 61: Saving Your Bacon – Bacon Man Interview

Bacon. That’s all you really need to know about this interview. Bacon is great; bacon is everything that wholesome and right in this world. Now, for the first time ever, you get to play a video game staring that most [...]

July 24, 2014 DCI

DCI 60: Legos in SPACE – Gamma Void Interview

There’s only one thing better than being able to build a space ship that has a giant laser gun on it. Building a space ship that has three giants laser guns on it! Gamma Void is a game that allows you to [...]

July 23, 2014 DCI

DarkCast 129: Generation Retrospective Part 1

Our Games of the Generation feature is here and we kick things off on the Darkcast with a discuss between John, Chris and Jonathan. We discuss our favorite games of the generation as well as some of our thought about [...]

July 18, 2014 DarkCast, GOTG

DCI 59: Potato Salad in Space: Habitat Interview

There are few games in which you can fight dinosaurs. They are fewer games where dinosaurs breath fire. But there is only one where you  can fly dinosaurs through space as they breath fire: Habit. Habit is a game from a studio called [...]

July 16, 2014 DCI

DarkCast 128: Not the Games of the Generation

The time has almost come for Darkstation Games of the Generation. For more than month we’ve been compiling  and writing about our favorite games, franchises and moments of the past seven years. But these? These are the games that didn’t [...]

July 11, 2014 DarkCast, GOTG

DCI 58: More Input! – Terrian Saga Interview

If trailers are good indication of final quality, The Terrian Saga: KR-17 maybe the game of the year. Seriously, watch this trailer. Then listen to the podcast. Then watch the trailer again. In this episode of DCI we talk to Greg McKnight [...]

July 9, 2014 DCI

DCI 56: The Point and Click Age – A Golden Wake Interview

Adventure games have come back in a big way and new tools have made it easier than ever for indie developers to make games. With that in mind, A Golden Wake seems like it was inevitable: a classically inspired point and [...]

July 8, 2014 DCI

DCI 56: Awesomepants – Road Not Taken Interview

What do you get when you cross roguelikes, block puzzles, ’90s nostalgia and Robert Frost? Why, you get Road Not Taken of course. In this episode of DCI we talk to Pat Kemp, designer on Road Not Taken, to discuss the game but [...]

July 4, 2014 DCI

DCI 55: A Gang of Monkeys – Secret Ponchos Interview

What else would the developer behind Secret Ponchos, one of the mini indie gems on display by Sony at E3 2013, be called besides Switchblade Monkeys. Nothing, that’s what. In this episode of DCI with talk to the creative director of Secret Ponchos to [...]

July 1, 2014 DCI

DCI 54: Big Bags of Blood – Wrack Interview

Wrack is a first person shooter that is all about guns, speed and blood. It basically says “screw you” to that last 15 years of shooters. In this episode of DCI we talk with game creator Brad Carney about the [...]

June 27, 2014 DCI