DarkCast 112: GOTYs Part 1 - Genre Awards

The end of the year is here and it's time to discuss the Games of 2013. Here are our winners for the Genre Awards as voted on by Darkstation writers.

The Best Games in Each Genre of 2013

Best Sports Game of 2013

This category is for video games that depicts any real life sport except racing.

Winner - NBA 2K14

Best Racing game of 2013

This category is for games in which you race cars. This includes, street racing, NASCAR, F1, or any other type of automobile racing.

Winner - Need For Speed Rivals

Best RPG of 2013

This category is for the incredibly elusive genre of RPG. Considering the diverse implementation of RPG mechanics in other genres, for our purposes, an RPG is a game that has 5 particular core mechanics/elements: an expansive and cohesive world that gives purpose beyond the game’s main narrative, the ability to upgrade your character(s) by gaining skills and/or items in a manner that affects gameplay, the ability to choose how and what to interacts with, optional side objectives with their own separate narratives, and lets you alter your appearance through changing physical characteristics and/or acquiring and managing loot.

Winner (tie) - Fire Emblem: Awakening and Path of Exile

Best Shooter of 2013

This category exists for games in which your main and/or only interaction with the game’s world is shooting things.

Winner - Bioshock Infinite

Best Linear Action Game of 2013

This category is for action games that DO NOT exists in an open world. Action games are similar to shooters in that you interact with the world through combat, but action games give you more tools including melee weapons, magic, and gadgets.

Winner - The Last of Us

Best Non-Linear Action Game of 2013

This category is for games that are similar to linear action games in that you interact with the world through melee, magic, and gadgets based combat but that DO exist in an open world.

Winner (tie) - Grand Theft Auto V and Saints Row IV

Best Strategy Game of 2013

This category is for games in which you do not control one character but a group or groups. This includes all strategy games: real-time, turn-based, resource and non-resource based, 4X, and tower-defense.

Winner (tie) - Civilization V: Brand New World, Europa Universalis IV, Fire Emblem Awakening and XCOM Enemy Within

Best Platformer of 2013

This category is for games whose main challenge and gameplay focuses on running and jumping.

Winner (tie) - Rayman Legends and Super Mario 3D World

Best Horror Game of 2013

This category is for games in which their main purpose is to scare and unnerve the player. These games either have limited resources for combat or remove combat all together.

Winner - Outlast

Best Puzzle Game of 2013

This category is for games whose gameplay and challenge rely on the solving of puzzles. The games can but do not have to have a strong reliance on story.

Winner - Antichamber

Best Online Multiplayer Only Game of 2013

This category is for games that can only be played online with other people. This includes, MOBAs, MMOs, multiplayer only shooters, etc.

Winner - Dota 2

Best Interactive Fiction of 2013

This category encompasses traditional point and click adventure and much more. These games contain little to no combat and place a greater importance on story and characters.

Winner (tie) - Brother: A Tale of Two Sones and Gone Home

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