DarkCast Ep. 103: Why Forza Horizon is an RPG

Every now and then we embark on a quest bigger than we realize. A quest to reach the very horizon of what is visible. Such is the case with Episode 103. In this episode we set out to define what it means to be an RPG and we reach the only natural conclusion: Forza Horizon is an RPG. And it only took us three hours to get there. So here are the criteria we came up with:

  • An expansive world - a cohesiveness to the world that gives the appearance of a purpose beyond the game’s narrative
  • Maturation - the upgrading one's character or characters by gaining skills and/or items in a manner that affects gameplay
  • Choice - the ability to choice how and who one interacts with, these choices can bear consequence or no
  • Side quests - the ability to complete side objectives or partake in fully separate narratives
  • Customization - the alteration of appearance through changes to one's physical characteristics and/or the acquisition and management of loot

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