DarkCast Ep 25: The One With Nick In It

DarkCast Ep 25: The One With Nick In It

This week we welcome news editor Nick Kummert to his first episode on the DarkCast. We hear about Nick's recent move from Japan to the United States. Spend quite a bit of time talking about our time with The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition. We also talk about the bleak future of THQ and why Valve seems like such an amazing place to work. All of that and much more can be heard on this episode of the DarkCast!

Show Hosts

Joel Szerlip (twitter)
Nick Kummert (twitter)
Adam Condra (twitter)

Show Notes

New Releases Binary Domain - PC The Walking Dead - PC and 360 Prototype 2 - PS3, 360 Bloodforge - XBLA Risen 2: Dark Waters - PC Myst - 3DS Dead Rising 2: Off The Record - XBLA

Gaming News Worth Talking About

Author sues Ubisoft, claims game stole his idea

THQ future slightly less grim, Darksiders 2 delayed - stock rises .75 cents a share

Prey 2 Delayed, not canceled

Halo 4 release date - Election Day

God of War: Ascension Announced

New Super Marios Bros 2 3DS Announced for August

Valve “Employee Handbook” released.

Final Topic: Apple Rumors Abound. Tim Cook Meets with Valve CEO. Valve denies he came. Will Apple release a console?

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