DarkCast Ep. 59 Part 1: Games of the Year - Special Awards

DarkCast Ep. 59 Part 1: Games of the Year - Special Awards

It's time for Darkstation's annual Game of the Year Podcast! Today we're talking about special awards. The awards include graphics, music and the like. Awards were chose by our staff of writers who voted on each category in a fill-in-the-blank fashion so that no game would be left out. But enough talk, on with the awards!

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Best New IP of 2012

#3: Sleeping Dogs #2: The Walking Dead #1: Dishonored

Best Demo  of 2012

#1: Sleeping Dogs

Best Sound  of 2012

#2 (Tied): Assassin’s Creed III & Journey #1: Halo 4

Best Music  of 2012

#2 (Tied): Darksiders 2 & The Walking Dead #1: Hotline Miami

Best Voice Acting  of 2012

#2: Far Cry 3 #1: The Walking Dead

Best Technical Graphics of 2012

#2(Tied): Sine Mora & Forza Horizon #1: Journey

Best Artistic Graphics of 2012

#2: Fez #1 (Tied): Journey & Mark of the Ninja

Best Story of 2012

#2: Spec Ops: The Line #1: The Walking Dead

Best Trailer of 2012

#2: The Last of Us (2 votes) #1 (Tied): Watch Dogs & BioShock Infinite

Console Had Best Year of 2012

#3: PC #2: 360 #1: PS3

Best Walking Dead Episode of Season 1

#3: Episode 5 #2: Episode 2 #1: Episode 3

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