DarkCast Ep. 0: Welcome Back to the DarkCast

DarkCast Ep. 0: Welcome Back to the DarkCast

Wondering what happened to the DarkCast? Well you can stop scratching your head because we are back and better then ever. Today we here at Darkstation.com are proud to announce that we are teaming up with BitPunch.com to merge their fantastic weekly podcast with Darkstation.com! Bit Punch Radio is now being re-branded to the DarkCast and we will be bringing you all a fresh new video game podcast each Tuesday evening from this point out.

A special thanks to Michael Perry and Rich Matney for making this move possible. We look forward to seeing all the amazing podcast and editorial content the guys and gals of BitPunch.com can bring over to Darkstation.com!

On with the show...

Today in Episode 0 we jump right into one of the busiest months of the video game year. We skip through any formalities and jump right into Bethesda's recent release of Rage. Take some time to go over what we all have been up to. Discuss the upsides to audio books, and close off with a great discussion on the upcoming iOS 5 and iPhone 4S releases.

Show Hosts

Michael Perry (twitter)
Rich Matney (twitter)
Crystal Rodriguez (twitter)
Joel Szerlip (twitter)

News Topics

Rumor has it that the new Xbox dashboard fall update set for Nov. 25th

Silent Hill Downpour pushed to 2012

Qwikster is no longer a thing that it never was...

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is now a thing

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