DarkCast Ep. 33: Gandhi's Such a Dick

DarkCast We may have missed last week, but the DarkCast is back in full force with new blood and lots to talk about. Darkstation contributor Mikhail Popov joins for the first time as we cover everything from Civilization V: Gods & Kings to the new episode in The Walking Dead to Spiderman to (because I'm always so current) Red Faction Guerrilla.

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Also, you should know that the sale Nick speaks of in the show is indeed going on as we speak. Check it out.

Allen's Update: I regret to inform our listeners that Kid Rock was NOT in Spec Ops: The Line. Take heart, however! I am currently developing a PC mod that changes the model for Lugo to Kid Rock and replacing all the gunfire sound effects with lyrics from his venerated catalog of rock hits.

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