E3, FeaturesJoel Szerlip

Biggest Disappointment of E3 2012

E3, FeaturesJoel Szerlip
Biggest Disappointment of E3 2012

Now that E3 2012 is over we here at Darkstation.com are taking a few days to look back at the biggest week in gaming to go over our biggest disappointments, biggest surprises, and of course our Game of Show for E3 2012. Our editors start it off by looking back at some of the bigger things that failed during E3 2012. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

What Happened EA? by Hiram Mojica

I’ll admit that I didn’t really know what to expect from the EA press conference. Every year, though, I hope to hear something from EA about a new IP or a new entry into a series that I’m fond of from their past. Especially this year, since their conference was called “The Download”, I expected to hear something cool about companies like Popcap or just hear that they’re working on hitting XBLA, PSN and Origin with some neat downloadable things.

Nope. Just another year of trying to chase Activision. The fact that the company now has 2 modern military shooters is just crazy, too. I understand trying to compete with another company and everything, but there are such direct analogs here that they’re even trying to sell a premium service for Battlefield 3- and the crazy part is, it’s nowhere near as useful as the Call of Duty one. It seems like they just said “Activision has one, so now WE need to have one!” and then didn’t get the infrastructure down. It felt lazy, and for one of the biggest game companies in the world, it doesn’t seem like they’re doing anything to stand out- on the contrary, it seems like they want to stand back and be as generic as possible and hope that this somehow leads for more sales. Absolutely baffling, and aside from my Game of Show Need for Speed, it’s all just new ways to do the same thing. I don’t hate on EA as much as everyone else does, but it was just depressing to see them up there like that.

Didn't Sell Me on the Wii U by Alexander Cattell

Even though I most likely will not buy a WiiU on launch, if at all perhaps, I was still looking forward to what Nintendo could come up with for E3 to wow everyone into buying one, maybe even convincing me. It is a shame then, that very little of quality was shown for the WiiU, the only highlight being Rayman Legends.

It was difficult to expect a huge line up of Nintendo’s biggest and best, but this was especially poor when compared to most of their hardware releases which usually have at least one or two big hitters. The Gamecube had Super Mario Sunshine, the Wii had the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. Hopefully this isn’t a pattern emerging, as the 3DS also lacked a strong first party lineup last year.

Another E3 without Grand Theft Auto by Allen Kesinger

I guess my biggest disappointment was the lack of any news regarding Grand Theft Auto V. There have been a lot of rumors going around that the game could see release in October  and I was hoping that Rockstar, Sony or Microsoft would step up with some sort of announcement. As it stands, we’re just going to have to wait a little while longer for details surrounding the latest iteration of the crime sim.

The Curse of the Missing Games by Scott Kieffer

The biggest of disappointment of E3 2012 was the games that weren’t there. E3 is a time for us to be shocked and pleasantly surprised by the array of goodies in store. It’s like the Christmas morning of gaming, when we see all the shiny new presents, get to play with each for a few minutes, and there’s that infectious magical feel. Where was this year’s magic?

Most of the biggest games were already announced, and had already released trailers and demos. The few surprises we got were decent, but this was way fewer than we are used to. The worst part was the games we wanted to see and hear about that weren’t there. What has Bungie been up to since finishing Reach two years ago? When will Respawn (made of the Infinity Ward ex-founders) reveal their next game? Does Crytek not realize what a gold-mine an HD Timesplitters game could be?

I was hoping for so much more this year, E3. Maybe it’s a result of the recent economy, or the fact that we’re near the end of a console cycle, but all the companies just seemed to be playing it safe.

Not Ready to Ride the Rides at Nintendoland by Adam Condra

Reggie Fils-Aime inadvertently spilled the beans on a new Fire Emblem installment out for 3DS, and Myamoto gave a pleasant demonstration of Pikmin 3. Everything else that happened relative to Nintendo this year was a shameful embarrassment.

Rumors Were Accurate, No New Hardware by Jonathan Miley

I have to say that my biggest disappoint from E3 this year was the lack of hardware, and not just from Microsoft and Sony but across the board. I mean, Nintendo is launching a console this year and they barely showcased the actual console. I think most people, myself included, were really looking forward to seeing what Nintendo had up its sleeve, to seeing what the hardware of the WiiU is going to look like. Well, we’re still waiting.

Microsoft on the other hand I thought was going take center stage by showing off a brief glimpse of its next console. No one was expecting much from Microsoft and it would have been a great way to end their show. But like I said, no one expecting anything from Microsoft and sadly, they delivered.

I didn’t really expect (but hoped) that Sony would show off a new console this year. Stuck in a similar position this generation as the Xbox was last, I would’ve loved to have seen Sony be proactive and tackle the next generation first. But again, it didn’t happen.

So without any new hardware to be shown that left the software to pick up the slack and it simply didn’t. We’re longer into this generation of consoles than we have been in any other. Because of that, many franchises are getting long in the tooth. Except for some choice games from Ubisoft, That Last of Us  and Halo 4, no games impressed.

So, I guess that means we’ve got another year waiting for new hardware to be unveiled so that someone can launch some new IPs.

Nintendo Crumbles Under the Pressure by Jake Stroth

I actually thought Nintendo had some decent things this year.  Paper Mario 3DS looked like exactly the sort of game that system needed and Pikmin 3 was simply amazing, and LEGO City:  Undercover was one of the best surprises of the show.  What I didn’t understand was the bizarre nature of the press conference itself.  Nintendo devoted far too much time to Nintendoland, Batman, and many other projects that seemed either extraneous or not suited for their message of appealing to the core gamer.  I was shocked that there was no discussion of Zelda, F-Zero, Smash Brothers, or Metroid.  Furthermore the third party software they did show hardly raised my confidence in their ability to put non-Nintendo games on their platform.  This is even more bizarre because they didn’t talk at all about the new Platinum game or show gameplay of Zombie U.  These were the sorts of games that could have really turned the whole thing over.  So while Nintendo itself wasn’t the big disappointment, the press conference itself was certainly the low point of the show for me.

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