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Buzz! Quiz TV Interview

Features, InterviewJoel Szerlip
Buzz! Quiz TV Interview

America has always been big on their game shows from Who Wants to be a Millionare to the recent Deal or No Deal we take a lot away from game shows. So Sony has jumped in with their latest installment of their extremely popular Buzz! franchise on the PS3, Buzz! Quiz TV. We talk with Jenny Barbour the Associate Producer on the game to find out what we can expect for Buzz’s first outing on the Playstation 3.


We here at Darkstation.com just want to thank you for your time to sit down and talk with us about Buzz Quiz TV for the Playstation 3? First if you could tell us a little about the series, when it began and why it was brought to the PS3?

The BUZZ! Franchise was developed by SCEE and is very popular in the European territories. We brought it to the U.S. last year when we released BUZZ! The Mega Quiz and earlier this year with BUZZ! Hollywood on PlayStation2. We are now bringing BUZZ! Quiz TV to PS3.

So obviously the series has seen its fair share of outings on the Playstation 2, what sort of things have changed on the PS3?

The whole look and feel of the game, including sets and characters has been updated to work in an HD environment. We have also added new character animation and camera moves to give the game a more dynamic feel and to really make the player feel like they are on the set of a game show. We have included on-line features such as Sofa vs. Sofa where you can play against anyone in the U.S. or Canada who has purchased the game. We have also created a Web site called MyBUZZquiz.com where users can go and create their own quizzes that can be played in-game. And, of course, the player can achieve a number of trophies.

We have heard that user created content is going to be a big part of Buzz! Quiz TV for the Playstation 3, can you talk to us about that? Yes, this is one of my favorite features. Players can go to MyBUZZquiz.com on their computer or through the PS3 Web browser and log in with their PSN account to create quizzes which can then be played on the Web site or in game. Players can create quizzes on any subject that they would like to test their fellow players on and make the quiz available for anyone in the U.S. or Canada to play. Players can also create quizzes for only themselves and their PSN friends to see. An example of this would be, it is your best friend’s birthday, bachelorette party or family reunion, where you would want to write questions that only your friends and family could answer….and of course with a lot of inside humor.

Have there been any additions to the characters users have the options of playing as? Who do you usually play as?

There are several new characters and well as old favorites in BUZZ! Quiz TV. Some of the new characters include: Overlord, Kumiko, and Trixie. Also with the first update, downloadable when you first start up the game, come four additional characters. My personal favorite….I like the Overlord character.

We here that Rose, Buzz’s partner in action on the Playstation 2 has not made the move to the PS3, why leave her out of the game?

With the new format, we really wanted to have the game focus on the player so it was a more intuitive experience. How expansive is the initial installment of quiz questions for Buzz! Quiz TV? Can we expect downloadable content for the game?

As with previous BUZZ! games, the base game comes with over 5,000 questions. Once you have played those to your heart’s content, you can purchase downloadable question packs that will install directly into one of the question channels in game (i.e. the Sports Channel, the Lifestyle Channel, etc.). The question packs will have over 500 questions and will include new assets as well. So you will really never run out of questions with this game. On September 25, we will be releasing the first three download packs on PSN. They will be National Geographic: Safari, Sci-Fi, and Videogames. We will continue to release new quiz packs, so keep checking PSN for the latest ones.

Online play makes an appearance in this title, can you talk to us about how this is going to work, and what players can expect?

With “Sofa vs. Sofa”, players can play against anyone in the U.S. and Canada. There are two ways to play this mode: one, you can choose to join a game and the BUZZ! server will match you with up to 3 other players; or you can choose to create a “friends” game and invite up to 3 of your PSN friends to play against you. The game matches and keeps track of scores by your PSN account, so it is only one character per PS3. But, you can have as many people as you want on your “sofa” and any of the Buzzers can answer the question. So you just want to make sure your friends don’t have itchy trigger fingers.

Trophies are making their first appearance in a Buzz! game, what is your favorite Trophy in the game? How was working with the new system?

BUZZ! Quiz TV easily lends itself to Trophies. We have several Trophies that the player can achieve in the various modes of the game. You can gain Trophies for the number of games you have played, how many games you have won, and specialist trophies. My favorite Trophy….Buzz’s New Best Friend (you receive this Platinum Trophy when you unlock all of the other Trophies in the game). For fans of past Buzz! games on the Playstation 2, what reasons would you give them to upgrade to this latest version?

Not only do updated graphics and characters give you a more satisfying game experience; Sofa vs. Sofa will allow players to duke it out for the “Champion of Trivia.” You also are able to make and play your own quizzes as well as purchase additional question packs that can be added to your game. Thus, truly making this a never-ending trivia game.

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