Darkstation Predicts E3 2012: Sony Part 2

Darkstation Predicts E3 2012: Sony Part 2

Welcome to week two of our E3 2012 predictions where we will be glaring through our crystal balls in anticipation for E3 2012 happening June 5th – 7th, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. This week we turn our attention to Sony who’s still trying to make up ground in the console race while also needing to push heavily on their new handheld device. Will Sony have enough to win this years E3 or will this be an off year?

Sony Unveils Playstation Voice, by Jeremy Meyer

Today Sony announced their new addition to their console which is Playstation Voice. Playstation Voice is a new feature that is similar to the Kinect’s voice options and it allows you to navigate menus on the XMB through specific voice commands. Sony had little to say about the new feature but mentioned that it will be fully compatible with the Playstation Store and Netflix. Playstation Voice can only be used with your headset for the console and its main use is intended to be quicker access to items in the store but will also be able to jump to specific locations on your dashboard.

Sony PS3 Bluetooth Headset
Sony PS3 Bluetooth Headset

It seems that Sony saw how little the Move was affecting the market and decided to take a cue from Microsoft’s Kinect. This actually feels like a good move for Sony as navigating the store is always something that can be made easier. I look forward to getting the chance to try this out and I can only hope this will save me time from hitting that pesky eject button.

New Hardware and Giant Enemy Crabs, by Charlie Osterlund I’ll say this out loud: Sony is definitely announcing a new console at this year’s E3. They released their PS3 a year later than Microsoft’s Xbox 360, so naturally they are seeing this as an opportunity to compensate for that by putting the pressure on Microsoft by prepping a new console and ushering the market into a new generation.

Beyond that, I’d like to see more, preferably hardcore Move titles that doesn’t involve petting animals and making breakfast. Move showed some true potential with Killzone 3 last year, so seeing some more shooter and/or action games with Move capability could really sweeten the deal, and please do show more of Sorcery this year!

Sony Announces Sports Champions 2, by Joel Szerlip

Sony won’t altogether forget about their beloved Playstation Move this year at E3. Sure the peripheral hasn’t taken off the way they wanted when it was announced a few years ago, but Sony won’t give up on it just yet. In a move to compete with Microsoft’s strong Kinect showing and Nintendo’s push with the Wii U, Sony will once again trudge into the Sports category with a second installment in the Sports Champions franchise.

I think the second installment will be announced with a much deeper approach then the original and sports more gamers care about. It might be the last PS Move only game from Sony but my crystal ball says don’t be surprised when they announce it.

Sony Blows the Doors of Cross-Platform Play, by Adam Condra

This year, Sony is going to use the PS3 to build support for the Vita. Consumers still don’t have a good handle on the cross-platform initiative, and so Sony will be doing its best to make the Vita look like a necessary accessory to the PS3. Big exclusives like LittleBigPlanet Kart Racing, Starhawk,  and Dust 514 will each get their own Vita apps and/or multiplayer clients, and Sony will also announce a number of new PS3-to-Vita simultaneous launches: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, Killzone 4, and Persona 5 will all be announced for both Playstation platforms.

Vita vs Wii U by Alexander Cattell

With the reveal of the Wii U  at last years E3 and the great gameplay possibilities it could have, it wasn’t hard to make links straight away as to what could happen with the newly released Vita’s capabilities of dual screen gameplay, with the Playstation 3. It would be amazing to see new games that take advantage of both consoles powerful hardware and meld them into exciting new opportunities. Imagine playing your favorite shooter and when you want to look down the sights of your weapon, all you do is hold your PSV up to your TV and pop off a few rounds.

Sony Unleashes a New Powerhouse Console, by Mikhail Popov

New PlayStation will be announced with a new Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain dev) game to show what the PS4 is capable of, possibly related to the Kara tech demo they showed at GDC. Either Quantic Dream or Naughty Dog, actually. They may showcase the new tech that prevents used games. This new PlayStation will also have cross-game voice chat that everyone wants on the PS3 but is impossible to implement due to lack of memory.

That's all she wrote for our Sony predictions. Let us know what you think. Check back next Monday (5/21) at Noon Pacific to check out our Nintendo predictions for E3 2012. See you then!

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