Darkstation Predicts E3 2013

We are only a few days away from the start of E3 2013. Before our editors rest up over the weekend to mentally and physically prepare for the biggest week in video games, we had them sit down and come up with their boldest E3 2013 prediction.

Retro Revival by Hiram Mojica

You know who’s been pretty quiet since 2010, when they put out the incredible Donkey Kong Country Returns? You know what development studio has been loudly anticipated by fans since the announcement that they’re hard at work on something new, and have been for a couple of years? You know who’s made several awesome games since they burst onto the scene with Metroid Prime? Yeah, you know who I’m thinking: Nintendo’s chief Western  development staff, the group that brings their old franchises new life, Retro Studios. And it’s time for at least an announcement of what they’re doing next! If I had to make a crazy guess? I’m going Star Fox, since Nintendo has clearly had no idea what they’re doing with that franchise for years now. And as long as it’s not a return to the Dinosaur Planet nonsense they’d been doing, I expect it’ll be pretty good!

Guess Who’s Back? by Jake Stroth

My prediction for this year’s E3 is that Microsoft will announce a new Banjo-Kazooie game from Rare for the Xbox One.  There is a supposedly leaked list going around that suggests that there will be a new game in the franchise at Microsoft’s press conference, and I’m inclined to believe that it’s true.  Maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part, I have a lot of fondness for the franchise and I hope Rare isn’t just working on new avatars for the Xbox One, but I do think there are actual reasons for Microsoft to greenlight a new game in the franchise.  Banjo-Kazooie is both family friendly and something that has appeal to more hardcore gamers, making it a solid launch title for a new platform.  Also I could easily see this being a cart racer or Kinect game, both of which Rare has produced in the past, though I would prefer a game more like the originals or Nuts and Bolts.  Whatever form it takes, I’m confident that we will get a new Banjo-Kazooie game at E3.

Wait that’s it? by Jeremy Meyer

So Microsoft and Sony have done nothing but tout how many games they will be showing at E3 now that they have gotten their console announcements out of the way. Sony has just gone on record saying that they will be showing over forty games and Microsoft has been quick to say that it will be a pretty software focus presence for them too. I really only see this going one way at the foreseeable moment. Even with these new consoles launching we are going to be living in a transitional world for a long time. Games will be releasing on both old and new platforms for at least a couple of years. Sony can talk all they want about their forty games but we don’t even know how many of those are PS4 or even Vita games. Microsoft has left me with even less faith since their console press conference but I have a feeling that their software side will be pretty lackluster. It’s already clear that the XBox One is a home media system and less of a video game console. I feel like for them we will see a lot of tech demo style games that show off all of the consoles possible integration and Kinect functions. Sony will undoubtedly have the similar approach to some of their games but their console feels more like a video game machine than Microsoft’s to me. I just see us all walking away from E3 with some shrugged shoulders and only a few mind blowing game announcements. We won't see a God of War 4 or Halo 5, you can bet on that.

Star War, Star Wars, Star Wars Alexander Cattel

After the acquisition of the Star Wars license by EA it would be great to see a selection of upcoming games from the publisher. Rather than the plethora of appalling Star Wars games from the last few years, they should give the fans what they want to see, Battlefront 3, Star Wars 1313 (or whatever that has become) and a new Knights of the Old Republic. Instead of the cheap, easy, shovel-ware options like Star Wars Kinect and Clone Wars Adventures, EA needs to make this license grab worthwhile and developing titles that everyone has been clamoring for for years, that will sell due to how hungry people are for titles that they have fond memories of.

The Return of Steel Battalion by Allen Kesinger

We all remember Steel Battalion, the game that everyone pretty much ripped to absolute shreds for the central reason that, well, it simply didn’t work with the Kinect. Now that Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox One and its new (mandatory?) Kinect 2.0, I predict that MS will take another stab at mech simulation. Because the Kinect 2.0 seems to do a better job at detecting gestures, arm movements and facial features, this gives MS an opportunity to make good on their hands free device. The Kinect’s biggest problem was its mediocre software and despite the company pushing it as hard as possible, the device never caught on (games were either poor quality or boring and the room requirement was a serious limitation). If they want the Kinect to be something more than just a device you need to have connected to make the Xbox One work, there has to be a better focus on fun, core-friendly games. And what better way than to fly in the face of everyone’s expectations to create another Steel Battalion that, this time, completely rocks the world?

Predicting in the Name of Price Drops by Brian Tyler

I stand by my early year prediction: We will see a Vita price drop. I don’t think there is any viable strategy for Sony to make the Vita the necessary buy it wants it to be at it’s current $300 price point. We’re going to see a price drop, we’re going to see some bundles, and we are going to hear about some new games, all of which will play on the Vita and the PS4.

Nintendo is going to announce a Price Drop! as well. Measures must be taken, and there’s no better time than during their huge... live... ok, ok, their taped lame ass response. They need something to excite more than their shrinking base, and nothing excites better than money.

Crazy, you say? No way those prices drop? You think Steel Battalion is really coming back? Yeah, who’s the crazy one now... [MIC [PRICE] DROP] (<--Allen gives this a hearty thumbs up!)

Focus on Price by John K

I predict that Sony will announce the price of the PS4, and it will come in at $399 for a basic unit, with another SKU that costs somewhere between $50-$100 more and includes some nonessentials, like more hard drive space or a prepaid Playstation Online membership.  I have seen a lot of price predictions north of $400 for the PS4, but I will be surprised if Sony makes the mistake of pricing themselves out of the launch market again.

How close were we? Make sure to tune into Darkstation all week to see our up to the minute coverage of everything that happens at E3 2013.

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