E3 2013: Grading the Press Conferences – Ubisoft

We have already put our stamp on two press conferences this week and so our scrutiny continues today with Ubisoft. In short, we had a lot of different opinions on this one.

I like Aisha Tyler. Being a host is hard work, and while most presenters are in for one segment about the thing that they care most passionately about (in theory), she is the face of the entire Ubisoft show. So props for holding it down, and props for keeping it together, especially when most people stopped at the #girlwood shirt.

Ubisoft’s show this year... was a lot like Ubisoft’s show last year. We had an Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag demo (meh), a Watch Dogs run through (very cool), and snippets of other stuff, like our favorite previous Nintendo exclusive, Rayman Legends. The Rabbids TV experience thing felt the most flat, and while I am obviously not the target audience, it’s going to take a lot to make that more than just a novelty in the kids tv world. The Division actually looks kind of neat, and was a strong ender for the show.

By Brian Tyler

Grade: B

It's odd seeing the same games two years in a row, and that's how I felt watching the Ubisoft press conference. Rayman Legends, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, AC IV and so on. I feel like I've seen at least twenty minutes or more of gameplay for each of these games and that's quite a lot. Rayman Legends still looks amazing and I'm sure it will be every bit as charming as its predecessor. Watch Dogs continues to look stellar and it is shaping up to be the first big title for next-gen consoles. The one new game that seemed interesting, to me at least, was Tom Clancy's The Division. Said to be an open-world RPG of sorts, the game seemed like a mix of past Clancy titles and RPG elements. Overall I wasn't too impressed with the lineup Ubisoft had to offer, though Watch_Dogs still looks cool.

By Jon Fisco

Grade: C+

Ubisoft’s press conference was nearly identical to last year’s show in many ways. Aisha Tyler was back, removed from her annoying co-host Tobuscus from last year. She did a fantastic job overall, if a little too scripted in some spots. We saw small little snippets from known titles such as Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed 4, but it was pretty disappointing to not see any gameplay. Ubisoft Reflection’s The Crew got a ton of stage time, and the game seems incredibly promising based on the demo. We didn’t see a ton of South Park, which is disappointing since gameplay hasn’t really been seen in any public capacity. The reveal of The Division was strikingly similar to last year’s Watch Dogs reveal, but luckily the game looks every bit as interesting in terms of scope, using the now signature Ubisoft “Pull out from the game to show that everything is multiplayer” trick. Overall it was a decent conference with an incredibly boring middle act, and not enough gameplay throughout. The Division got my attention, but aside from that it was a fairly mediocre press conference.

By Joseph Bustos

Grade: C

Bleh.  Ubisoft showed me two sets of games.  Set 1:  A bunch of stuff that I’m not interested in.  Namely, a crappy looking Splinter Cell iteration, a free-to-play game, another entry into the tired Assassins Creed series, and a brown-and-gray shooter with Tom Clancy’s name on it.  Set 2:  Stuff that I am very interested in, but I already had seen numerous times before.  Namely, Watch Dogs , South Park: Stick of Truth, and Rayman: Legend.  I hope that there is more new stuff than that in the works.  Not the worst that I have ever seen, but I saw nothing to get me excited either.

By John K.

Grade: C-

Ubisoft’s conference is often one of the most awkward E3 presentations to watch. More than anyone they try to play up humor and bombasticity. This year was no different. But whereas last year they delivered a next-gen looking experience when no one else was talking about it (like the next generation didn’t exist), this year they showed mostly the same games. Or games that have otherwise been announced and already covered in exuberance. Their only truly new announcement was Tom Clancy’s The Division, which simply looks like a military themed Watch Dogs. So with no killer reveals to dispel the constant grimace on my face due to Ubisoft’s general craziness, I have to say that their’s was the worst that I saw. Not a failure, mind you. Just the worst.

By Jonathan Miley

Grade: D

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