Elsword Interview

Elsword Interview

Free-to-play is becoming more and more popular in recent years. Today we got to sit down with the developers of Elsword a year old free-to-play MMO that's still continuing to evolve even a year post its release. So what's still in store for Elsword, keep reading to find out.

1) Elsword recently celebrated its 1-year anniversary. Congratulations. For those of our readers who haven’t played the game before what’s Elsword all about?

Elsword is a multiplayer online action game which features beautiful and exciting anime/manga style graphics in every inch of game play. You can take charge of our current five characters to solo or party through an adventure of quests and battles. Each character can progress to different jobs that vary in different and unique skills to suit your play type, as well as hundreds of different visually pleasing items that players can utilize to create their own personal style and outfits.

2) So if we haven’t played Elsword yet, would now be a good time to jump in, or are we just going to struggle against those already into the game?

Anyone can jump in at any time in Elsword and still succeed and have fun. As Elsword has a casual nature, there are many features which help new players become accustomed to the environment of the game.

3) What’s the backstory behind Elsword?

Elsword takes place in the land of Elrios, which was once a barren wasteland. However a miraculous event took place when a gem called the “El” had caused the land to transform into plentiful life and beauty. You follow the main character “Elsword” and his group as they search to stop evil from taking the “El” and destroying the land once again.

4) What are some of Elsword’s bigger accomplishments in the past year?

Elsword of North America has come a long way this past year. As Elsword is also popular in Korea and Japan, Elsword has speedily released content on par with that of the other versions. Elsword currently sports 5 characters, 36 dungeons, various costume sets, and events released on a weekly basis to keep players of Elsword busy.

5) Free-to-play has become more and more popular lately. How has the free-to-play model worked for Elsword?

Elsword, as a multiplayer online action game, is most geared to casual gamers. For this fact, the free-to-play model is perfect where Elsword stands. Players who are interested in arcade action controls and anime/manga style graphics can try Elsword without any costs and experience what Elsword has to offer.

6) Can you play Elsword without spending any money?

Yes, you can! Anyone can make it through Elsword without spending any money, but special weapons, armor, costumes and other items are available to further enhance your game playing experience through the Item Mall.

7) Recently you introduced a limited time “Gate of Darkness” can you explain what this event is all about?

The Gate of Darkness is a special world event dungeon which focuses on a defense type mode. Demons are currently invading the world of Elrios, and it’s up to everyone to fight and defend the El Crystals against the horde of demons invading through portals in each stage. When players successfully defend the objectives in the dungeon, they are rewarded with awesome buffs and items!

8) Combos seem to be a big part of the Elsword experience, how do those work and how difficult are they to pull off?

Combos are Elsword’s bread and butter. Each character comes with their own preset combo commands that you can easily learn and execute from skill menus; however more skilled players can create and execute their own combo combinations and styles to further destroy their opponents.

9) If you could look into your crystal ball where do you see Elsword on its two-year anniversary?

Of course we see Elsword growing and growing! Elsword is a constant expanding game which will add more and more major content to keep players busy and happy. By our two-year anniversary, we expect to double our current holdings and become the most popular free-to-play action style game on the North American market!!!

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