Games We Wish Were Announced But Probably Won’t Be - Part 2

Games We Wish Were Announced But Probably Won’t Be - Part 2

After a recent discussion, we decided as a staff here at Darkstation to write about games we wish were announced but unless a miracle happens probably won't be. Today is the second part (here's a link to our first part) of our three-part multi-editor feature. So with no more preamble here are five more games we wish were announced. 

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 2 by Jon Fisco

Yes, I know Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within exists and is billed as a sequel to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. But let’s be honest, that is not the sequel many fans of the first game wanted. Where The Sands of Time was bright and fantastical, The Warrior Within sunk to the trope of the time period of being a dark, edgier sequel that was grungy and filled with metal. What made The Sands of Time so special was its new look and feel and gameplay mechanics. At the time, there was nothing else like it. With games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and all of the Assassin’s Creed games it’s easy to see the impact Sands of Time has had on the industry but I don’t think I’m alone in wishing that series, with the original game’s look and feel continued forward. Imagine a bright world filled with a loveable prince and sand monsters that extrapolates the magic and wonder the original game first brought to gamers. Ubisoft tried to capture that magic with Prince of Persia in 2008 and it wasn’t bad but it still missed the magic and wonder of the original title. I know it might be something that’s impossible to recapture, but what a great moment it would be to see the Prince return in that great, storybook world. 

Brutal Legend 2 by Rom Mojica

So like ok my actual REAL one that I want is for Fez II to be announced again so that we can get more of that sweet multidimensional, string theory-related platforming going, but really Brutal Legend 2 (which would have to have a really good subtitle like a metal album - might I suggest “Ormagoden Reborn”?) seems like a much more likely long-shot announcement. Get a killer new soundtrack, build up more of this ridiculously awesome metal world, pull in a couple more metal legends to voice characters (James Hetfield could probably do something, he’s been in Metalocalypse before), maybe make the RTS aspects a little better, and you’ve got yourself an amazing sequel to an underrated and underplayed game

Jaws Unleashed 2 by Michael Hoover

There exists a 3D open-world game where you play as a man-eating shark, and it’ll never get a true sequel. Appaloosa Interactive’s obscene tribute to the world of Martin Brody isn’t exactly good, but it would’ve been had it taken advantage of its inherent strengths instead of doubling down on glitches and repetition. Seriously, there’s like five missions that are any fun, but man are they fun! I’d like to see a Jaws game full of the same effort, humor, and imagination that we got glimpses of in 2006. An ultra-absurd plot might tarnish the world of Jaws, so maybe it would be better as a spiritual successor. Imagine multiple sharks that you can switch between, GTA V style. Imagine a giant ocean map with trenches, sunken ships, coral reefs, and islands populated by ignorant swimmers. Imagine playing as the mighty Megalodon, taking on aircraft carriers by picking up explosives. Imagine, because in all likelihood, it won’t happen.

Dino Crisis Reboot by Brandyn Boyd

Despite the contentions that arose in the anticipation of Resident Evil VII and its radical redesign of the classic horror franchise, it proved itself – almost unequivocally – to be an excellent video game.  With the rediscovered critical success of the Resident Evil franchise, I believe that it is time to revive the original Capcom copy/paste job:  Dino Crisis.  The first entry in this long-dormant franchise was essentially just a reskin of Resident Evil, swapping out zombies for velociraptors and tyrants for T-Rexes.  Makes no mistake, however, the fear of being eaten alive transferred quite well, and Dino Crisis proved itself to be a competent horror game in its own right.  My request?  Bring it back, once again, as a reskin.  Give me first person Dino Crisis.  I want Capcom to recreate the kitchen scene from Jurassic Park and let me witness raptors opening doors inside the wonders of virtual reality.  Make it happen.   

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