In A New York Minute: Part 8

This is it folks we are down to the last three videos! This week and next week are both going to be fairly long sessions as I'm doing two chapters in each of the videos. The last video will exclusively be the last chapter of the game and any mop up I might have to do. I may also have a supplemental multiplayer video to accompany the last entry in the series but we shall have to see about that. So this week I clocked in about twenty five minutes but these chapters are some of my favorite that the game has to offer so I hope you enjoy watching me tear through the chapters (which I think I do pretty well) as much as I enjoyed playing them. So this is the beginning of the end with only two videos left after this. Thanks for sticking around this long and I hope you are ready for the finale in a couple weeks.

[youtube id="BOMUTaD1QBc" width="620" height="360"]