Jonathan's Extra Life 2014 Livestream

I'm Jonathan, Features Editor of and host of the DarkCast. I'm live streaming my 24-hour video game marathon to raise money for Extra Life. All of the proceeds gp towards the Children's Healthcare Miracle Network. I'm raising money for my local Children's Hospital, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. To do this, I've invited some developers that I've had the privilege to interview over the past 2 years. With your help, we can raise money for kids all over the nation and make a difference in their lives.

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  • 12:00-7:00 AM--TBD--The Witcher 2[/two_third]<a href="">Make a Donation!</a>

*All times are in PDT (-7 GMT)

Jonathan is the host of the DarkCast, DarkCast Interviews, and Gamers Read. He loves books, video games, and superheroes. If he had to pick favorites, they would be Welcome to the Monkey House, Mass Effect, and Superman respectively.