Most Anticipated Games of 2013 – Part 4

In many ways 2013 is a bit of an unknown for the video game industry. Will new consoles be released? What games can we expect for those new platforms? Will the Wii U have a bounce back 2013? All of these questions still remain to be answered and yet there are still a ton of great games we do know about. So to get us excited for 2013 our editors sat down and discussed their most anticipated games of 2013.

Kentucky Route Zero (Full Season) by Doug Comstock

Finding words to articulate your desire to immerse yourself in an atmosphere before you´ve actually done so is no simple feat. Stated plainly, Kentucky Route Zero embodies everything that I enjoy about video games. The limited amount of the game I´ve seen draws deeply upon it´s unyielding ability, and desire to pull players out of the world they are all ready in; thrust them into a realm completely ambiguous to them, and simply push them to look deeper - to question. The game takes a sleek visual approach very similar to that of Superbrother´s: Sword & Sworcery, only focusing less on pixilated structures and more on silhouettes - furthering the player´s desire for detail. Wonderfully crafted, authentic feeling thought and dialogue options spun in a manner that allows players to essentially craft their own stories and the particular use of lighting further accentuates the symbolic contrasts within the world: between clear and unclear, living and dead, and true and false. Everything about the game compels me to play it.

SimCity by Joel Szerlip

Some of my fondest childhood memories was playing SimCity 2000 and building massive cities for hours and hours only to destroy them with a few quick mouse clicks. After a few more iterations, we are seeing a reboot of the franchise with the upcoming March 2013 release of SimCity. From what we have seen so far the game seems both approachable but at the same time complex. Lets not kid ourselves this is still SimCity, your going to build roads, residential, industrial, and commercial areas. Your still going to have to worry about fire, poverty, crime, natural disasters, and political struggles. However the added layer of really being able to partner with neighboring towns something that has been touched on in previous games but never fully realized seems to be a big win for this reboot. If anything SimCity seems like one of the rare games that makes me excited to sit at my computer desk and play a game.

The Last Of Us by Ashley Chittock

One of the best-displayed games at last year's’ E3, The Last Of Us has the pedigree it needs in Naughty Dog to live up to the promising mix of gameplay systems, dynamic combat and gritty post-apocalyptic plot it has shown off thus far. The strengths of this mix of systems becomes apparent when you consider that the developers of this game, a game based around some sort of fungal zombie apocalypse, haven’t even shown off the fungal zombies since the very first trailer. Looks like it could be the last big hurrah for the Playstation 3.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch by Adam Schedler

I remember hearing about a game called Ni No Kuni years ago, flipping through scans of Famitsu on the Internet. An RPG from Level 5 in collaboration with Studio Ghibli, you say? I gave it a resigned look, thought, “Well, this is never going to come out in English.” And now, Ni No Kuni is coming out for the PS3. In English! If you’re familiar with Level 5’s work in the past, you know that delivering kick-ass RPGs is sort of their thing. And all the footage I’ve seen reminds me of the one of my all-time faves, Rogue Galaxy, in all the right ways. It’s been years since I’ve been truly enamoured by a JRPG, but Ni No Kuni stirs up an excitement in me that makes it my most intense fascination of 2013 right now. And if you’re feeling the same way, you won’t have to wait long; Ni No Kuni launches on PS3 only on January 22nd.

Well that brings us to the conclusion of our Most Anticipated games of 2013. We have already featured so many incredible games, make sure to check out Part 1Part 2, and Part 3 of our feature, and let us know what you think of our picks.

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