Sunday 01st May 2016,

See It Yourself: Devil May Cry


So like many others I was a huge out-crier over the changes made to the Devil May Cry series with the new Ninja Theory reboot. The Devil May Cry games were my connection to the hack and slash action genre. God of War never clicked with me and Bayonetta was a step in the right direction but nothing, in my eyes, really competed with playing as Dante and cutting through some amazing demon designs. While the first two games didn’t have that compelling of stories Devil May Cry 3 was one of my favorite games on the PlayStation 2. It had a rich story and amazing characters and some of the most insane hack and slash action of its time. Devil May Cry 4 lost some of that luster but still made some forward moves for the series but just didn’t compare the Dante’s Awakening. 


One thing to note about this series is its lack of story progression. To this date Devil May Cry 2 is still the latest story installment to the series and ends on a major cliffhanger so every time they announce another prequel game it’s hard not to let out a giant sigh. What caused even more of an uproar was not only was the new game going to be a reboot but also a different developer but even worse than that was the redesign of Dante! Fans everywhere went berserk and I was definitely one of them.

Now even I can admit that everything that was shown of DMC: Devil May Cry pre-release that was based around the gameplay looked fine and it was only the Dante design that was bugging me. Call me a purist but it was hard to imagine changing so much about a character that I had come to love but I knew I still had to see it for myself so I sat down with the PC version of the new game and decided to give it a shot and I was surprised, this game is damn good! Everything about this new take on the series was fantastic and it totally changed my thoughts on the game. I decided to take my thoughts down in video form and share for all of you doubters. I was once one of you but I have seen Ninja Theory’s light and guys they gave us a great new DMC game! It’s something that I feel you just need to see for yourself.

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I'm a hardcore video gamer and writer and love combining the two. I play almost anything that crosses my path and try to look at every game with the possibility that it could be amazing and I'd rather see things for myself.

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