Suggested Browsing: 9/26/2012

Through the time I've spent writing about games, I noticed a motif surrounding the free and browser side of the industry - they are often overlooked. While being given more and more spot light within the independent community, it is sometimes hard to rally the attention a browser and freeware games deserves. So, in an attempt to shed some light on these titles - for even one interested reader - I am happy to bring you "Suggested Browsing". Each week, I'll catalog my thoughts on one or a few browser or free games that I think warrant some attention. On the slate for this first edition, are Creatively Complicated and Rot Gut.

Creatively Complicated takes a true stab at an older fashioned point-and-click puzzle system, in that there are little to no text prompts. Players simply have to click around the seemingly nonsensical, sketch-pad aesthetic world in search of - well, it is probably best left to you to decide. The game is fairly short, yet managed to have me absolutely stumped in more than few spots within the time constraint. If a quick brain tease is up your alley, Creatively Complicated can be played here.

Rot Gut establishes itself practically on the opposite side of the spectrum from the previously mentioned title. Set during the American Prohibition of the 1920's, players fill the shoes of an agent set on taking down the city's underground bootlegging rings. Enjoy a splendid chiptuned jazz soundtrack and classic noir, pixel art visuals while solving mysteries with the barrel of a gun? Sounds like a solid proposition to me. I highly recommend giving Rot Gut a shot here; and if you enjoy it enough to desire a play outside of the browser, give it a vote on greenlight.