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Tales from the Old Republic - The Beginning

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Tales from the Old Republic - The Beginning

We’re kicking off a new weekly feature here on Darkstation that documents my experience with Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you’re curious about the game and want to know what it’s all about but either a) don’t want to play or b) don’t have the time, hopefully this will give you an entertaining glimpse into BioWare’s newest MMO. First, a little bit of setup. For the majority of these articles, I’ll be talking about my main, a Sith Warrior (Juggernaut) named Reija who is currently under orders by her master, Darth Baras, to flush out a Jedi that has the power to detect a person’s true nature, thus representing a threat to his spy network. But there will be times I’ll switch gears and talk about my Bounty Hunter alt and invite you to experience an entirely new character with me. So without further ado, let’s get things started!

“Switch your deflectors on double-front!”

Before heading off to fulfill my master’s wishes, I decided to engage in a little bit of space combat. While hanging out on my ship, the Fury, I picked up one of the daily space combat missions, Operation Eternal Domain, which tasked me with engaging Republic forces. The first was an assault on a wounded Republic warship protected by several cruisers. I was tasked with crippling the ship by destroying turrets and shield generators, all the while avoiding fire from enemy fighters. The second mission involved some clean up in the asteroid field surrounding Nez Peron. The mission seemed simple enough, until it was discovered that a Republic warship was hiding out in the asteroids. Clever girl!

Upon completing Operation Eternal Domain, I headed back to the Imperial Fleet and decided to spend some of the Fleet Commendations I earned, upgrading my ship’s armor to Grade 3, which should make some of the hairier firefights a bit easier to manage. Because I’m too low a level, I can’t buy some of the more advanced weaponry and defenses for my ship. I’m hoping to get some sort of Ion cannon that would help me completely destroy Republic warships.

After fooling around in the Imperial Fleet, wasting time in the VIP cantina and spending money to upgrade equipment, I decided it was probably time to get to work and visit the armpit of the galaxy, Tatooine.

“If there’s a bright center to the universe...”

After landing in Mos Ila, I met up with one of Darth Baras’ contacts who is going to help me track down the Jedi padawan by retracing her steps during training. Based on her reports, the padawan journeyed to Tatooine in order to study under a reclusive Jedi master who could hone her talents. Reija had to undergo a strange ritual that involved hunting down a creature the locals called a Sand Demon, getting a sample of its scent so that I may walk through a Tusken Raider camp unharmed. But before all that, the Empire needed my assistance.

In what had to have been the most hilarious quest line so far, it appears the Imperial forces on Tatooine were besieged by Jawas led by a shaman who may very well be Force sensitive. Although the Imperial officers are taking this possibility very seriously, the local cadre of Sith find it laughable and have asked me to kill the Jawa shaman instead of bringing it in for study. Since it doesn’t look like there are Ewoks and Gungans in Old Republic, slaughtering Jawas is the next best thing.

“I slaughtered them like animals!”

After satiating my--I mean, Reija’s bloodlust with Jawas, I decided to pursue the “Demon’s Blood” quest line. In order to reach the mythical Sand Demon, I found Tatooine’s other famous natives standing in my way: Tusken Raiders, aka the Sand People. Cutting my way to the lair of the Sand Demon, I was disappointed to find a beast that was so old, it didn’t even know I was there. Jerk! How dare he ignore a Sith! It soon detected my presence through smell and on the suggestion of my companion, I stayed my blade long enough to commune with the beast through the Force, sending it waves of calm and dominance which sent the monster into a deep sleep.

And then I killed it.

Killing the creature allowed me to use its blood to mask my scent, which would prove useful during the next phase of the quest involving the search for a Tusken Raider Shaman. Tromping through the sun bleached sands, I located a small cave filled with Sand People who fled at my sight. As they should! Making my way deep into the cave, I came across an empty tent. After meeting with Darth Baras’ scout, the three of us were met by a lone Tusken Raider who gave me an ancient parchment that showed the location of an Oasis - my next destination.

Hopping on my sweet ride, I followed the map which led me to a canyon filled with more Tusken Raiders. Nothing was going to stand in my way of finding the Jedi master, so I unleashed the full fury of the Dark Side on these creatures. I took the time to play with my prey considering that Reija is pretty powerful for a level 26 Sith and I wanted to give her a little signature at the end of each fight. When my target’s health was low enough, I’d perform a Force Choke followed immediately by a Force Push, sending the target flying ten feet away and killing them in the process. Being evil is awesome.

With the Tusken camp emptied, my path to the Oasis was clear. As soon as Reija approached the pool of water, she was visited by a vision of her Light Side self, pleading for her to turn away from the Dark Side. Reija and I mutually agreed that this Force ghost was crazy to suggest such a thing and engaged the spirit in combat. When the fight was over, the Light Side Force ghost became corrupted by the Dark Side and merged with Reija, granting her a final vision of where the elusive Jedi master was hiding.

With the ritual complete, it was finally time to face my first Jedi Master.

Tune in next week to find out what happens next!

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