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Tales from the Old Republic - Intermission

Features, PCAllen
Tales from the Old Republic - Intermission

After last week’s shocking conclusion to the padawan storyline, where the hunt for Jedi Jaesa Willsaam ended with her becoming my apprentice, I’ve decided to take up Darth Baras’ offer to enjoy some R&R before returning to Dromund Kaas. I figured this would give me a good opportunity to have a chat with a few of my companions aboard the Fury and put Jaesa through her paces. In the cockpit of my starship, Malavai Quinn had an issue with Vette, finding her to be an annoying little brat whose incessant nagging and questioning has been putting him over the edge. Although he wanted me to discipline her, I gave Quinn permission to do whatever he wants should she act up again. In the medbay, I found Jaesa struggling with her newfound freedoms. Seeking guidance, we spoke of emotions and how the Dark Side is fueled by our passions. Although the Jedi would like to think that anger, love and other emotional hangups are bad, the Sith are empowered by them. Throughout her life, Jaesa was forced down the stoic path of the Jedi and revealed to me that she felt incredibly stifled. She seemed thrilled at the prospect of being able to rely on her emotions and prepared to fully commit herself to the Dark Side. With that in mind, it was time to put her to work by returning to the harsh desert planet of Tatooine.

“You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany.”

Before I finished chapter one of the class story, I had performed a few quests for a small archaeological team led by a Darth Silthar who dug up an artifact from a Czerka expedition. The Czerka team had long since disappeared and it was up to this group of Imperials to find out what the artifact is. I returned to Mos Ila and met with Captain Golah who told me that Silthar, had a vision through the Force and planned to walk the path of the Tusken Raider shamans in order to learn the mystery of the artifact’s origins. Before any work could be done, I had to track down the Sith Lord. I set off into the deep desert and stumbled upon a cave where I fought through a small number of Tusken Raiders before finding Silthar lying in a crumpled heap, dying of his injuries. He revealed that the Tusken Raiders had a large mural that depicted an area of Tatooine that did not show up on any Republic or Imperial maps. Believing this to be the location of the Czerka dig site, I killed Darth Silthar (why not? He was dying anyway) and destroyed the mural so that no one else could use it.

I was contacted by Captain Golah and told him about Silthar’s death and the hidden dig site. Golah was saddened by the loss of the Sith lord, but knew that progress still had to be made in unlocking the secrets of the artifact and gave me the coordinates to an Imperial base where his men were preparing to open it. Reaching the base, Golah and I exchanged pleasantries while the scientists powered up their equipment and were surprised by a sudden explosion as the artifact overloaded the computer systems. To make matters worse, those closest to the artifact were somehow infected, turning them into robot-like creatures with strange silver and yellow circuits for eyes and a metallic sounding voice used to call themselves “The Imprisoned One.” During the fray, several of the infected scientists escaped the base and Golah sent me away to track them down and purge the infection. I found myself at a nearby settlement of semi-indigenous people who knew of The Imprisoned One and had sealed their own infected away in hopes of finding a way to cure them. I killed the tribe, set up some explosives throughout the settlement and blew it to kingdom come - it’s the only way to be sure, I figured. With the threat of the artifact subdued for the time being, I returned to Golah who discovered a faint power signature originating from a Czerka weapons laboratory that just so happened to be located near the spot marked on the Tusken Raider mural.

In order to properly locate the Czerka lab, I had to activate several power relays that gave me some insight into the problems the company ran into by researching the artifact and it sounded like Czerka had lost control of the project. I finally located the entrance to the weapons lab, half buried by sand and guarded by droids and crazed Czerka troops. Once inside, I reached a massive chamber that housed a large, computer-like structure that became active after sensing my approach, revealing that it was true form of the The Imprisoned One. Rather than expect some sort of creature or powerful Force spirit, The Imprisoned One was actually a dormant piece of technology created by the Rakata, the ancient race that once ruled the entire universe as the Infinite Empire (and created the Star Forge Darth Malak used in Knights of the Old Republic), and planned to use Czerka to restore the Rakata to glory. The Imprisoned One sent infected soldiers and reprogrammed droids after me as I attempted to shut the computer down. With the Rakata technology disabled, The Imprisoned One tried to appeal for its continued existence and offered to submit and be integrated into Imperial technology. I returned to a happy Captain Golah who paid me well for my efforts and sent me on my way.

“They say Taris is the Coruscant of the Outer Rim.”

I’ve had enough of Tatooine to last me for awhile, so it was time to get things back on track with my character’s class story and seek out Darth Baras on Dromund Kaas. Stepping into his chambers in the Citadel, I caught Baras speaking with his own Master, a powerful and influential Sith on the Dark Council who hungers for open war with the Republic. In order to speed things along, Darth Baras has tasked me with making a quick trip to Nar Shadaa and deal with a Republic general who’s death will herald the beginning of another full scale war. I hopped into the Fury and went back to the most dangerous city in the galaxy and located General Gonn, who was sitting in a meeting between himself and a few treasonous Imperials. I quickly disposed of Gonn and the Imperials before heading back to Dromund Kaas.

With the death of General Gonn, the fringe systems of the galaxy were ripe for the picking, allowing Baras’ Master to launch Plan Zero, an assassination campaign that would target members of the Republic High Command. The first set of targets have been located on Taris, the planet that has suffered greatly since Darth Malak’s campaign of terror and the Ithorian’s failure to successfully re-terraform it. Long after Taris became a dead, toxic mess, Imperial spies detected an increase in Republic activity as they attempted to revive the world and make it a symbol for the Republic. While I was there merely to fulfill my Master’s plans, the Imperials would seek my assistance in halting all Republic operations. Taking a shuttle to the planet surface, I found myself in an Imperial base located around the twisted ruins of a Taris district and located Lieutenant Pierce, who directed me to my first target, General Frellika. By attacking Frellika’s caravan, I was led to an old mining facility where a few of his miners gave up information, revealing that the Republic’s presence was due to the discovery of a new energy source on the planet. I thanked these individuals by using the Force to drop a massive cargo container on top their heads, crushing them to death.

After this seneless (but pretty funny) death, Frellika made his presence known and challenged me to a fight. Needless to say, he didn’t last long. With one of the Republic targets down, I recovered the mining data and information on the new power source before blowing up the mine. I returned to the Imperial base and tracked down Darth Gravus who had information regarding the next set of Republic targets. It was during this initial meeting that I met the Sith’s fiery young apprentice Thana and enjoyed a small cat fight with her. While the two of us went after each other’s throats, Gravus (delighted by the animosity on display) indicated that the next target I had to find and kill was Commander Kom Orda. Orda was holed up in his compound and nothing short of a full blown Imperial assault would flush him out. To prepare for the attack, I had to take down several assault teams and steal the coordinates to the commander’s detachment of Walkers so that they may be destroyed by Imperial artillery. To make things “interesting,” Gravus turned the attack into a competition between myself and Thana to see who could kill the most soldiers. I completed my mission and returned to Gravus and by his count, I had won the contest which sent Thana into a rage. Gravus forced her to stay behind as I led the assault on Orda’s compound and on my way, I received a communication from the Sith lord who told me that Thana had disobeyed orderes and openly attacked the base, ruining my surprise attack.

I fought my way into the compound and watched as Thana foolishly tried to battle Orda and his guards by herself, only to be quickly taken out by a concussion grenade. I stepped in and completed the job, making short work of Orda and his goons. Thana came to not long after, feeling insulted and humiliated and ran off to her master not before exchanging a few harsh words with me. Before returning to Gravus, I decided to take on a little extra work from an Imperial science officer who wanted to study the growth in Taris’ Rakghoul population. You might recall that the Rakghouls were the monsters Revan encountered during his time on Taris that were a byproduct of a deadly poison afflicting the citizens of the Undercity. With the city-wide metropolis fully destroyed, the Rakghouls had a chance to flourish and become a nasty thorn in the side of those trying to occupy the planet. I was given a holo recorder and tasked with recording several engagements so that their behavior patterns could be analyzed and understood. The task was simple enough, but those monsters put up a serious fight.

And with that, we’ll close out this edition of Tales from the Old Republic. Tune in next week for more!

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