The 9 Best Console Games of 2009

The 9 Best Console Games of 2009
The 9 Best Console Games of 2009

The year of 2009 was a great year for video games, in fact one of the strongest and most diverse lineups in years. So instead of spending the remaining weeks of 2009 trying to battle out the best game of 2009, we here at decided to list out in no particular order our top 9 games of 2009. This in no way encompasses all of the great games we have played and reviewed this year but it does at least bring to close what has been an amazing year for gaming.

1 ) Assassins Creed 2 (PS3, Xbox 360)

The hype surrounding the first Assassins Creed was huge, and although it wasn’t as strong for the second outing, it should have been. This game is better in every way including a stronger story, better controls, and all around great look and feel. You can’t ask for a better open environment action adventure experience.

2 ) Batman: Arkham Assylum (PS3, Xbox 360)

Finally we have a game based off of Batman that is worth talking about. Batman: Arkham Asyllum combines excellent environments with a stellar storyline that combine to give an action experience that Batman fans will remember for years to come.

3 ) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

What else can you say? The biggest entertainment product of all time was no slouch when it comes to gameplay. Both single player and multiplayer modes are full of amazing content, high level graphics, and one of the best shooters to grace consoles ever.

4 ) inFamous (PS3)

The developers of the very popular Sly Cooper are back with their own comic book style action hero in the game inFamous. A PS3 exclusive, this game offers the story and massive environment that people have been looking for since the PS3 was released. An all around amazing action experience.

5 )  MLB 09: The Show (PS3)

When it comes to the best sports game of 2009, MLB 09: The Show easily takes the crown. With the most in depth set of modes including the best career mode in the business, MLB 09: The Show is a game that all sports franchises should look at to strive to model themselves off of.

6 ) New Super Mario Bros Wii

The old 2D Mario is back for the first time on a console in quite sometime. After the massive amount of success the DS 2D Mario game had a couple of years back it is no surprise that this multiplayer focused 2D platformer is as exciting and engaging as ever.

7 ) The Beatles: Rock Band (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Although we are hearing grumblings that the music genre has seen better days, its no surprise that EA and Harmonix came out with an extremely accessible and stylized Rock Band game all centered around the great Rock Band of all time (my opinion) The Beatles. If you love The Beatles then you will love this game.

8 ) Uncharted 2: Among Theives (PS3)

The original Uncharted game was a masterpiece on its own merits, but the fact that Naughty Dog was able to push the envelope as far as they did with Uncharted 2 is truly remarkable. Everything is better in ths second outing including graphics, story, action, and controls. This is truly a wonderful thematic experience from start to finish.

9 ) Wii Sports Resort (Wii)

Nintendo trying to push their Wii Motion Plus put out their follow-up to the world renowned Wii Sports. Although the expectations were set extremely high Nintendo knocked the ball out of the park with yet another accessible and addictive Wii game that shows off the power of the new controls while remaining a great family experience.

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