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The Backlog: Syndicate

Jeremy September 19, 2012 Features 1 Comment on The Backlog: Syndicate

Every week, a new game from from our backlog. That’s our motto! Okay, not really. But it is a true statement and today week have another installment, this time, it’s Syndicate. If you missed last week’s post where Allen chronicle his journey into the seedy undergound Japanese mafia with Yakuza 4go ahead and have a looksee.

I’ve been on record many times stating my love for everything cyberpunk. It seems that cyberpunk games are really on the rise with many of upcoming releases such as Watch Dogs and Remember Me. I can’t be more excited. Even though we have these new games coming, I’m still looking back at some more recent cyberpunk games such as Deus Ex Human Revolution and Syndicate. Now, I already played Deus Ex when it came out and loved it. I still continue to do different play-throughs now and then. Syndicate was a game I had to pass up on when it was released as I didn’t have time to play it. Now that I have a lot more time for games I went back and played through it just to see if all of the praise I heard about the game was true and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed.


Syndicate is cyberpunk at its best! As much as I loved Deus Ex and all of its RPG tropes, I love the straight up shooter aspect of Syndicate just as much. There is a great futuristic world in this game and a lot of depth to the fiction that isn’t really in your face but if you dig into the game’s reading, there is a lot there. We are living in a world where we have so many modern military shooters that I just can’t get interested in a Call of Duty-like game anymore. It’s a nice breath of fresh air to see someone making a game that is a little more unique with a setting that isn’t often portrayed. Not to mention the game was developed by one of my favorite developers and even if it isn’t the Starbreeze that we know, they are still putting out games that I love.


Starbreeze has created an amazing world in Syndicate. The visual style is simply amazing. They have made just looking around the levels worthwhile. Using the DART overlay and finding the hidden graffiti in each level shows what kind of world the main character Miles Kilo is living in. While the story hits some predictable beats, the game does so with some interesting characters and spectacular first person commitment. This game does a lot of great stuff with the perspective and one of my favorite things in a game is to see hardcore first person commitment. While I am sick and tired of normal first person shooters, Syndicate does so much other stuff, with its cyberpunk setting and technology, that it keeps me coming back.


Syndicate is loaded with a stellar voice cast. Most notable are Rosario Dawson and Michael Wincott playing the bad guy role he was meant to play. There is surprisingly a lot of great characterization in Syndicate and sometimes they really play with the less-is-more approach. Syndicate has one of the most visually amazing worlds I have ever seen in a video game and it’s only a shame the game isn’t a more open first person game.  I would love to explore more than they allow. Luckily the game has a codex that I can spend hours reading.


Syndicate isn’t just another first person shooter in my eyes because it does so much to be unique. The combat feels great and the game is challenging enough that the powers you have are very handy and can fix a sticky situation quickly if used correctly. It’s a shame the game didn’t sell as well as it reviewed because I would love to see more Syndicate in the future but I may not want to hold my breath. In the meantime, I’ll just keep enjoying this title and keep playing the fantastic co-op.

And another game from backlog is lain to rest.  Come back next week for yet another amazing edition of The Backlog. Until then, what do you think of cyberpunk? Excited for Watch Dogs and/or Remember ?

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  1. Adam Schedler September 19, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    Great article, really enjoyed Syndicate and loved experiencing it again through some new eyes!

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