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Diablo III Auction House and Global Play Details Hashed Out

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Details about Diablo III's nuts and bolts? Stay a while, and listen!

Hey, y’all. Did you realize that it’s been twelve years since Diablo II was released? Or that Diablo III is a mere ten days away? I feel like when the game was announced I told myself not to look into it and to just wait for Blizzard to do their taking-a-long-time thing before really getting excited. And now the news seems to be trickling out and amping up before the big day.

Blizzard has updated a few details on the game’s Auction House and a word on global servers. They’ve gone ahead an updated their guide for the auction system with some points about security requirements and payment methods that are available if you care to use the for-real dollars system and watch your savings spiral into Diablo’s evil maw. There’s all sorts of different ways to surrender your cash to Blizzard (and others!), and it varies a lot from region to region, so check out how things will be in your country right here.

Blizzard has also detailed’s new Global Play functionality, which will allow you to create characters and play the game on any server you choose. So if you’re a Canadian who wants to play with friends in Israel, you can go right ahead and do that. You can’t transfer characters or friends lists across servers, though, and you won’t be able to use the real money Auction House anywhere but in your home region.

As someone who won’t be paying anymore than sixty bucks for my Diablo III experience, this info doesn’t really affect me much. But, hey. Diablo III! You just got informed!

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