Friday 25th July 2014,

Electronic Arts Confirms Layoffs Amidst Corporate Shuffle

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EA Office

Update: Some crack reporting by Polygon’s Brian Crecente sheds some light on which studios may have been closed, and how many people the layoffs may have affected.

This morning, in one of the most cold-hearted press releases I have ever read, Electronic Arts has confirmed a significant reduction in staff as they focus on, “new technologies and mobile.”

The scope of the layoffs is currently unknown, but word on the street is that EA reduced almost 10% of its workforce which would come out to about 2,000 people. This is only the latest in organizational changes at EA: CEO John Ricitiello stepped down last month, and the developer of Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel was completely let go before their game even shipped.

I will try to confirm an exact figure throughout the day and update my story if necessary. But regardless of the number, I would like to extend condolences to those affected by the layoffs on behalf of the entire Darkstation team. I’m sure you’ll land on your feet soon.

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