Sunday 21st September 2014,

Netherrealm Studios Reveals New DC Superhero Fighting Game

Say what you will about MK vs. DCU, but it was still a little interesting to see DC characters in a fighting game that wasn’t developed by Blizzard. And was also, you know, pretty fun. Netherrealm has really been the best development house for making home console fighting games with depth, story and replayability. Now that Warner Bros. owns both them and DC Comics, it’s not a surprise to see the MK team working with DC heroes for their next game, Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The first details on this game, as well as a trailer, have popped up over at Gamespot, so there are a few things we know already. First of all, cool your jets, people- the game’s going to be rated T. This is mostly a DC thing, just like with MK vs. DCU, but if you’re coming to these fighting games just because of the blood, you’re missing out on a lot of the depth. And this game seems like it’s going to come with even more depth on top of what they had before, with the introduction of new types of characters to play. So far they’ve announced “Gadget” and “Power” characters, which seem to be broken along the lines of whether they’re actually super-powered or not. So Batman and Harley Quinn would be gadget people, but Superman and Wonder Woman are power. Netherrealm has also decided to throw in a lot more environmental interaction, so if there’s a car there, you can just pick it up and slam another character with it. Ed Boon talks about how there are different uses by character and type, so while some people slam the car itself, someone like Batman will just bash the opponents head into the car’s hood. Characters also seem free to throw themselves and each other around an arena, crashing through buildings and into other places to fight (MK3 style), and there’s a cool, dynamic look to watching the fighters crash through walls, buildings, the floor and even the Earth’s atmosphere.

Other details on the game are still kept under a bit of a lid. Is there going to be some kind of super meter? Who are all the characters in it? Which MK character will show up as an unlockable in some way? And, most importantly, is there going to be a robust story mode, like MK had last year? I can only hope so! They’ve confirmed the game for 360, PS3 and WiiU release, and it’ll be at E3, so we’ll be looking forward to hearing about more soon enough.

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