Sunday 01st February 2015,

Popular Games Get Sequels: Black Ops 2 Officially Announced

I feel like it’s impossible to overstate Call of Duty’s importance to the games industry. I know you’re probably feeling a little burned out on it, and you’re bothered by how many first person military shooters are out there now, but in the end, these are the highest-selling games each year, and with the announcement of Call of Duty: Black Ops II being made official today, Activision is looking for another banner year for what’s essentially the flagship game of video games.

Yeah, I know you knew it was coming, since every single sign in the universe has been pointing to it (I even had a fortune cookie telling me Black Ops 2 would be out this year). It’s possibly the worst-kept secret since the PSP Go, but it’s only today that Activision has actually made the game official. Currently this announcement is coming from the official UK site going live, but I haven’t been able to get in there because it keeps blocking my IP- so right now I’m taking my details from the Kotaku story, which is confirming that the game’s essentially going to be a 21st century Cold War, full of all kinds of crazy near-future tech, which is cool. The best parts of Black Ops were the parts that were just a bit of a stretch- the whole sleeper-agent idea, the nerve gas, the fire shotgun (and if that’s real, well, I don’t know what to say about that). Hopefully Treyarch gets to stretch their imagination a little bit more than if they were just doing a modern or historic shooter again, and maybe this might mean that we’re almost at a cyberpunk Call of Duty.

More information is probably going to be leaking out about this during the day (including the release of an official trailer), and I’m almost guaranteeing that E3 for Microsoft is going to have a huge chunk dedicated to the game (with all of the DLC coming out on the 360 first!). Preorders are being taken, of course, so you can do yourself a favor and stop pretending like you’re not going to buy it. Come on, you know you’re curious about what sorts of near-future tech you’ll be using. Lasers? SPACE lasers? Even if it’s nothing as crazy as that, I’m happy to hear that they’re possibly doing something different with the series. The release is set for 11-13-12, keeping with the November releases using sequential numbers, which is a weirdly specific thing to do with your sequel releases. Get ready for everyone and their mother to buy another copy of Call of Duty when it comes out in November.

UPDATE: Yep, trailer time!

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  • Jake Stroth

    Sigh…that might be it for me.  I mean I skipped MW3 I can skip this one too.  Too bad I was super excited for this one.

    • Hiram_M

      Well what’s bothering you about this one? Wanted it back in the 60s again?

      • Jake Stroth

         Well now that I found out there are robots in it I’m actually really excited to see what sort of crazy stuff they come up with

  • Jonathan Miley

    Considering I skipped 1, FH, 2, BRO, 3, MW, WaW, MW2, BO, and MW3, I think I’ll skip this one too.

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