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PS3 Skyrim DLC Dated

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Skyrim Dragonborn 360 Review

At long last, Bethesda has provided concrete release dates for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim‘s DLC on the PlayStation 3. Interestingly enough, it’s not in the order you might expect. “Dragonborn” will be available on February 12th, “Hearthfire” on February 19th and “Dawnguard” on February 26th. Releasing “Dragonborn” first make sense as it has been the most popular of the three expansions and as a further gesture of goodwill, each content pack will be marked down 50% during the first week of release on the PlayStation Store.

The absence of the DLC on Sony’s platform after the exclusivity on the Xbox 360 caused quite a stir with PS3 owners who felt that Bethesda’s silence was indicative of either having no plans to release the content or a result of the game’s poor performance on the console. Releasing each DLC in the same month and at a discount is a good move but after all the problems and delays, does Skyrim still have an audience on the platform? If you’re still playing the game on the PS3, post a note in the comments. Are you excited to finally get the DLC? Will this have you going back to the land of Nords and dragons?

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