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Rejoice! Ubisoft Cans Horrible, Terrible, Smelly “Always On” DRM

Allen September 5, 2012 News, PC No Comments

In an announcement that should please many PC owners, Ubisoft is getting rid of it’s polarizing “Always On” DRM scheme that has plagued a large number of titles for the last few years. Stephanie Perotti, the publisher’s worldwide director for online games, spoke to Rock, Paper, Shotgun regarding the state of Ubisoft’s games on the PC – which, according to Yves Guillemont, led to 90% of their games being pirated. RPS takes Ubisoft to task for the conflicting statements it made last month regarding the rise in piracy despite the so-called successful DRM scheme. As a result, Ubisoft has (finally) listened to the (angry) feedback as of last year, scaled back its DRM to a one-time online activation.

Stop whatever you’re doing and go visit RPS to read the entire interview. It makes for an incredibly amusing read because they try really, really hard to get Ubisoft to admit that their DRM was terrible and detrimental to consumers.

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