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Rumor: Nintendo Releasing Tools to Port Smartphone Games to Wii U

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Sources from within Nintendo told the Japan Times this morning that Nintendo will be making a tool for developers to port games from smartphone platforms like iOS and Android to the struggling Wii U.

The anonymous sources claim that increasing the availability of popular smartphone games on Nintendo’s Wii U will get more third-party developers excited about the system, something that Nintendo has failed to do so far. The Wii U is currently struggling worldwide, being regularly outsold by the aging competition and the original Wii console. Nintendo blamed its second operating loss in company history last month on the Wii U’s poor performance.

As stated in the headline, this is all still just a rumor at this point. However, it is clear to people outside the company that Nintendo needs to make these sorts of moves to engage third party developers. If the management at Nintendo also realizes this, the Wii U may just have some fight left in it.

I will update this story as more details come to light.

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