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Starhawk Devs: All DLC Will Be Free

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Today would be appear to be a good day for Starhawk, the newly released sequel to 2007’s competitive multiplayer reboot of the 1995 PlayStation shooter. Dylan Jobe, president of LightBox Interactive, went to the PlayStation Blog to share some pretty choice news items in honor of the game’s release: LightBox and Sony Santa Monica have formed a partnership with Major League Gaming and are taking sign-ups for a Starhawk tournament worth $20,000 in prizes. Additionally, Jobe proudly made the declaration that all upcoming DLC will be free.

While a tournament offering $20,000 is nifty, free DLC is the most important issue here. LightBox offering up future content for no charge is wonderful not only because everyone loves free stuff, but it comes as a response to criticisms from Warhawk. Jobe pointed out that LightBox didn’t enjoy seeing the community divided between those who paid for content and those who didn’t, claiming that the player base had become “fractured” by the time the final piece of DLC was released. Giving away free DLC is a good way to maintain a level playing field for players and such goodwill is likely to attract players who wouldn’t normally play a game such as this.

Good on you, LightBox!

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