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This Week in Unsurprising Sequels- God of War: Ascension Announced

Rom April 19, 2012 News, Playstation 3 2 Comments

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I came to my computer and saw an announcement for God of War: Ascension, a new entry in the God of War series. Crazy, right? A sequel to a well loved, high selling series of games! Though perhaps it’s a little more surprising the way that it was announced, which was actually through a leak from Amazon. Putting up a teaser trailer and a placeholder boxart (and, of course, taking pre-orders), the internet flew into a tizzy before Sony finally announced, alright, yes, this game is totally a real thing.

I can imagine that they wanted something more official (sending Chimeras with the words “GOD OF WAR ASCENDS THIS FALL” tattooed on their sides to E3?), but good on Sony for going into immediate damage control and just embracing this leak. They’ve since come out to announce on the PlayStation blog that they’re also going to be doing a livestream on the 30th of…something. First gameplay? A press conference? A dude dressed as Kratos fighting Triple H in a wrestling ring?

It’s also unknown what the plot is, but it sounds like Kratos is going to have to fight mythological creatures (and people!) on a quest to avenge his family, kind of like the rest of the series. I’m guaranteeing anger, shouting and more gore than you know what to do with when this game comes out, though, and I feel confident in that guarantee.


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  • Allen_K

    You know what? I was just getting used to not hearing Kratos’ screams and growls. 

  • Joel Szerlip

    I was ready for Kratos to hang it up. Oh well here we go for another ride on the yelling train. 

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