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Vita Outsells 3DS in Japan

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Since it’s 2012 release in February the Vita has struggled to find its foothold in the gaming market but due to the recent price drop in Japan, the Vita has finally outsold the 3DS. According to this Gematsu post the Vita price drop has already caused a spike in sales overseas but it seems that things have been helped further by the release of some big name titles but the Vita has officially sold more units than the 3DS for the first time since it’s release. While it’s still unclear if the price drop will ever reach the US (as Sony still has no official word on that) the drop definitely seems to be helping in Japan. The Vita was already increasing in sales having sold 62,543 last week but Sony managed to increase that number to by a thousand when this weeks numbers came in at 63,581.


While the price drop is a huge factor in this sales spike credit also has to be given to the release of two major titles for the handheld. Soul Sacrifice and Tales of Hearts R were both released with very healthy sales numbers with Soul Sacrifice coming in with 114,446 units sold and Tales of Hearts R selling 55,258 units. The Vita continues to struggle as a device but Sony is slowly proving that with the right price and some good game releases that this thing will sell so we can only hope that this trend will continue and quickly spread into the world wide plans for the Vita.

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  • Hiram_M

    That’s pretty ridiculous, but it just goes to show- you actually put out games that people are interested in, and you’ll get people to buy your system.

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