Saturday 31st January 2015,

Darkcast Ep. 13: Dadgummit

Michael January 30, 2012 DarkCast 5 Comments

The Darkcast has plenty to talk about this week including cheap beer, Xbox 720 rumors, Gotham City Imposters, Mass Effect, Nintendo Network, and much more. Thanks for listening, please tell your friends, and if you haven’t done so please subscribe to us on iTunes and leave us your kind words.


Show Hosts

Michael Perry (twitter)
Adam Condra (twitter)
Allen Kesinger (twitter)
Rich Matney (twitter)
Jonathan Miley (twitter)

Music provided by Eddie Mike Check out his music here.


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  • Anonymous

    I request — nay, DEMAND that this photo be used for all future Darkcasts!

    • Michael P.

      I’ll make different ones as we get other people on the show. Don’t want just that one painting. I gotta get more creative with it.

  • Jonathan Miley

    I LOVE this! I’m freakin duel wielding, man. Duel wielding!

  • Adam Condra

    Matt Hazard in…… DADGUMMIT!

  • Adam Condra

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