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Darkcast Ep. 14: Pushmo Sweatshop

Michael February 6, 2012 DarkCast 3 Comments

This week the Darkcast delves deep into handheld gaming, Gotham City Imposters, creating a Pushmo Sweatshop, Scarygirl, Soul Caliber V, and whatever else we can squeeze in before the Puppy Bowl. We would love to hear from you guys and if you have any questions for the panel you can always reach us at this email. Thanks for listening, please tell your friends, and if you haven’t done so please subscribe to us on iTunes and leave us your kind words.


Show Hosts

Michael Perry (twitter)
Adam Condra (twitter)
Allen Kesinger (twitter)
Rich Matney (twitter)
Crystal Rodriguez (twitter)


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About The Author

  • Adam Condra

    The first line of designer Pushmos will be debuting sometime in the very near future…

    • Anonymous

      I’ll trade you some “designer” jeans for some Pushmos

  • Jonathan Miley

    great podcast everyone!