Sunday 01st May 2016,

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Paragon PS4 Preview


The consolization of MOBAs is not a new idea. Monday Night Combat borrowed generously from the genre while adding a third-person shooter twist, and Smite was the first title to bring the genre to consoles properly. Because of Smite’s success, [...]

April 15, 2016 PlayStation 4, Previews
Doom PS4 Beta Preview

Preview – DOOM Closed Beta

DOOM beta is every generic first person shooter experience you've ever played, only you can turn into a demon sometimes. I have some faith that the full game will offer a lot more, but it didn’t hook me even as [...]

April 11, 2016 PlayStation 4, Previews

Deliver Us the Moon

As free-roaming environments go, you’re not going to get much more novel than the surface of a partially colonized moon. That’s exactly what Deliver Us the Moon promises, but unfortunately, the current preview build ends (via an unceremonious fade-out mid-gameplay) [...]

April 4, 2016 PC, Previews
Pendragon Rising_PC_01

Pendragon Rising

The story itself is very well written, though some will note the tone of language is more modern rather than reflecting the dialect of the times for the most part [...]

March 1, 2016 PC, Previews
Hitman PS4 Preview

Hitman Beta Access Preview

The original murder simulator is going to be back soon. The latest installment of Hitman, the sixth major entry into this unique and quirky series, is scheduled to arrive next month, and Darkstation recently had an opportunity to play through [...]

February 22, 2016 PlayStation 4, Previews
Eve Valkyrie PC Preview

Preview Event: EVE Valkyrie

We head over to San Francisco for a look at CCP's upcoming EVE: Valkyrie [...]

December 10, 2015 PC, Previews
Street Fighter V PC Featured Image

Street Fighter V Preview

With Street Fighter V‘s 2nd public beta closing this past Sunday, I think I am finally in at least some minor position to say something about it. For those that listen to the DarkCast, my not-so-secret desire to be a [...]

November 11, 2015 PC, Previews

Preview: Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare, is actually a lot of fun and one of the most polished things Obsidian has yet produced. [...]

October 28, 2015 PC, Previews

Preview: WWE 2K16

WWE 2K16 seems like it’s shaping up to be a solid entry for the franchise and more of what people wanted 2K15 to be. [...]

October 5, 2015 PlayStation 4
HoMM7 Preview PC Featured Image

Might and Magic: Heroes VII Hands On

Whether or not this safe approach works remains to be seen, but stressing fundamentals as opposed to flash feels like an interesting choice in a land filled to the brim with overly flashy, completely underwhelming sequels. [...]

September 17, 2015 PC, Previews