Killing Floor 2 Early Access Preview

The original Killing Floor made its name by throwing players into maps filled with atrocious zombie-like Zed. Every match was a struggle for survival and the intensity of every wave just added more to the experience. The much anticipated sequel, Killing Floor 2 has finally been released albeit in Early Access stages still, but there still enough here to satisfy your blood-lust. Killing Floor 2 allows for up to six players per match. Each map that you play you must fight intense waves of deadly Zed zombies. As you would expect, each wave gets progressively more difficult to clear. Initially, the Zed are relatively weak allowing for you to get familiar with the map and areas you may want to hold up at. The early waves zombies are few in number, less intelligent and slow. This however quickly changes.

As you progress further in the match, the Zed can easily become overwhelming if your team doesn't manage resources properly and work together as one cohesive unit. The Zed becomes faster more agile and extremely deadly. The enemy AI also increases. Zed will try to sneak and catch you off guard, some may even climb into ventilation ducts and surprise you. In the later waves, mini boss Zed begin to appear and I found out the hard way that these guys won't hesitate to rip your neck off your shoulders. At the end of each match you will have to fight the boss.

There are a total of seven characters and four playable classes. The Berserker which specializes in melee weapons is the class to go with if you want to go face to face with these ferocious zombies. The commando primarily uses fully automatic rifles to mow down hordes of Zed at one time. This is a great class if you want to stay as far away from danger but still output some damage. My personal favorite is the Support class because they utilize shotguns which are ideal for blowing zombies to pieces. Finally, of course is the Field Medic class which obviously heals party members but also has access to a few effective weapons as well.

Each of these classes can be leveled up to obtain perks that are pertinent to the respective class. For example, leveling up the Field Medic can allow you to buff your team with armor or even poison the Zeds. In between waves there is a pod that can be used to sell or buy more ammunition, body armor, grenades, or new weapons. You spend currency in the game which is gained by killing Zed. 

The game is still in Early Access so content is lacking and there are a few small technical issues. So far there are only three maps. One map takes place on a military base during the winter, another has you killing Zed in Paris, France and the last map is in a dark, creepy laboratory. There aren't many issues in the game from a technical standpoint but a couple that did rear their heads were clipping and graphical pop-ins.

Sometimes I would watch Zed walk right through a closed door or see halve of their bodies through a wall. It was typically was more comical for me but still an issue. Graphical pop-ins weren't' to comical however. A few times I would think I'm safe to heal or regroup until suddenly a few zombies would just appear right in front of me because they hadn't loaded into the game yet. Overall though these issues were too few and far between and I really impressed with developer Tripwire for releasing an Early Access game that runs this well.

So far I'm having a blast with this sequel. Tripwire has took the original concept of the first game and capitalized on it by improving the experience in just about every way. The best part about it is this is only an Early Access title meaning this is only a glimpse of what's to come. Tripwire has already promised more to come such as new characters, maps, perks, and weapons. After playing this version of Killing Floor 2, I'm confident that Tripwire will deliver a great cooperative game once the full retail version is released.

Price & Availability: Early Access to Killing Floor 2 is currently available on Steam priced at 29.99 for the standard edition and 39.99 for the deluxe edition which includes downloadable content.

Content: Three diverse maps, four perks and seven characters to choose from along with a few cosmetic items.

Full Retail Version: Tripwire doesn't currently have a release date but hopes to finish the rest of the game by the end of this year.

Future: Tripwire plans to build on the Early Access by adding more maps, characters, deadly weapons, and perks.

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