Preview: LIghtfall

Lightfall is a 2D platformer that was funded on Kickstarter. The game's hook is the ability to create platforms using a feature called Shadow Core. The game pays homage to Super Meat Boy, Limbo and Bastion. Bishop Games boasts a beautiful art-style and an adventurous tale of intrigue.

The game takes place in Numbra, an eerie and dark world ruled by the law of survival. As barren as this world seems, it attracts the Kamloops, a group trying to escape constant civil war on their own world. When they reached Numbra they realized how different the two worlds were. Gone are the warm days and sunshine. After adapting to this new world they discover powerful crystals that shaped the landscape and destroy what little civilization they created. It is your job to save them.

I was able to play a few levels of Lightfall in the preview. In my brief time, I thought it was done very well. It was polished and looked pretty. The world was dark and ominous with bright contrasts of crystals. These crystals are obstacles that, when touched, send you back to the previous checkpoint. They are one of the few ways the character can die. The game, however, is very forgiving of mistakes and it is difficult to really fail. Falling to your death is nearly impossible and there were few enemies up to the point I was able to play. This level of ease was enjoyable. Often times platformers become very frustrating to me. I'm sure Lightfall does get difficult but I steady stream of success felt really nice.

There were some mechanics that I have not seen in previous platformers. As odd as it may seem my favorite addition is the ability to sprint. For whatever reason, I never noticed a sprint option in these types of games. It allows you to jump much further and progress much quicker. You can also attach yourself to walls and scale them by jumping. The stand-alone feature from Lightfall is the ability to spawn blocks under yourself in mid-air. This means that you are always able to save yourself from falling to your death. You are able to scale areas without a built in environment. Combining this with the sprint ability lets you to breeze through situations with ease and really take pride in your ability to play the game. There were some moments where I just felt that my timing was perfect and it was very rewarding. There is a catch: your respawns are controlled by a small window of time.

The levels I got to play were relatively short. Lightfall showed a lot of promise and I am looking forward to when it is finished. It was a great way to spend some free time. I recommend that all fans of platformers check it out. It was a story I was definitely interested in playing out.