Preview - Shelter

The creators of Pid, Might and Delight, is back with another great looking game, Shelter. In Shelter, you are the mother of a litter of badger cubs looking for a new area to live in. The idea of the game is survival as you venture out of safety and into the reality of Nature to find a new home. Success is shown through your ability to keep your family afloat as there are many challenging obstacles surround you. The world is full with enemies, and it is up to you to protect your family from the elements. The game was submitted through Steam Greenlight and was Greenlit by the community.

The beginning of the game is a tutorial along with an introduction to the game itself. Once you explore outside of the burrow, you get steps of how to gather or hunt for food. Hunting is probably not my strong point at this time, since I keep stepping on loud twigs. The view is in third person, and is single-player. You are only able to control the movement of your Mother Badger; however, your movements and slight growls will direct your children. Their jumping up at apples will at times assist you in finding food to pick.

The story is linear and guides you through your adventure. I felt the camera angles were spot on, because they not only assisted the story but caused you to be enveloped by it. The music also plays a role in guiding you, and it effectively adds tone to the part of the story you’re playing. I was only a few minutes into the game and I was already a bad parent. You have to remain vigilant with your brood and keep an eye on their health. The change in their fur color is significant to their health. They usually need food, which can be usually found nearby. I was able to ram a few apple trees and kill a frog to feed my family. The frog had it coming; it jumped at me first.

I feel that Might and Delight wants us to explore the beautiful worlds they create through different perspectives, such as a mother badger looking for a home or a lost little boy on an unknown planet. They present the chaos that goes along with the beauty without making it seem alien. With Shelter, you have to make do with what you have and survive against the odds of nature and its potentially deadly outcome. Although you lack human “weapons” as you’d find in other games of survival, you have the ability to run and ram trees, plus fight with your teeth. I had been aware of this game for a while and was excited to hear it was approved. I can’t wait to see the full version. The expectation for this release is Late Summer 2013.