New Resident Evil 6 Demo Impressions

New Resident Evil 6 Demo Impressions

Resident Evil 6 is coming out very soon and Capcom released a demo along with their game Dragons Dogma earlier this year that was met with some very skeptic opinions. The original demo seemed a little rushed for attention and didn’t seem to showcase anything really great about the game. The part most people would be excited about (the part with the actual zombies) was the most lackluster part of the demo and everything else just didn’t seem to grab the enthusiasm that Capcom was looking for. So hats off to Capcom for deciding to put together a whole new demo and put it out and show us a much better look at what Resident Evil 6 has to offer. This demo is set up the same as the last, allowing you to play different parts from  all three campaigns in the game and this time it is three completely different parts than were in the previous demo. So I’ve played all three sections in this new demo and I thought I would share some of my new thoughts on what I think of Resident Evil 6

So the first part of the demo I played was naturally the Leon section. I wanted to shoot me some damn zombies and unlike the previous demo, you get to shoot a lot of zombies. So the demo opens with Leon gunning down the now zombified president with his new lady partner and talking to his government contact Hunnigan as Leon has been known to do. Then you get set loose in the campus where there are hella zombies! In the last demo the Leon section was mostly atmosphere with very little action but this demo brings both in full force. This section of the game feels very much like a horror game which is something that Resident Evil has lost over the last few titles. The environments are very dark and atmospheric and you open doors slowly by default to build the tension. The game goes for some jump scares that seem like they could be pretty effective. I don’t want to just recap all of the sections because if you have any interest in this game or were growing skeptical I highly recommend checking out the demo but I can say for sure that zombies are back in a great way in Resident Evil 6. The Chris section is more of a straight out action sequence that pits you against BOWs that are wielding guns and a large BOW similar to some of the giant creates from Resident Evil 4. The Jake campaign seems to combine elements from the other two. It has a quite a bit of shooting but there seems to be a lot of tension for this campaign and Jake is also know to have his nemesis like enemy that stalks him throughout the game. All three of the sections are fairly long and really give a much better insight as to how they will all differ from each other.


The first thing you notice when starting to play this game is how much quicker and fluid the controls feel. While the controls in RE5 were pretty good they still have a kind of stiff tank like feel to them but Resident Evil 6 moves very quick and has a lot of animations accompanying the action but never falls victim to animation priority. Instead there are nice moments such as stepping or stumbling over bodies and things of that nature. The game also looks incredible and seems to be quite an upgrade from RE5. The new mechanics such as sprinting and being able to fire from your back while being knocked down feel like a proper evolution of the gameplay and open up new elements to the combat. While I was a little skeptical about Resident Evil 6 going into this demo I feel like my anticipation and love for this series has been completely renewed. The story for this game is sure to go to some amazing places for super fans as we get the return of Ada Wong and Sherry Birkrin who has been absent since Resident Evil 2.


This demo is a much better showcase and is the demo Capcom should have released in the first place. If you are having doubts or are unsure of what to think of this entry in the franchise I highly recommend giving the demo a shot. The game comes out next month and if you were on the fence then this may be the thing that sways the decision. Each campaign feels very different and you get a little teaser as to everything that could appear in the final game (such as picking up skill points that will most likely be used for upgrading) and the demo is actually just a lot of fun to play. You can get a feel for the game and how things will change as you progress. I could tell that when using my guns that I could see how they could improve with the upgrades. So I suggest that you go see it for yourself and enjoy some intense Resident Evil 6 action and get ready for the game to come out on October 2nd.