Friday 19th September 2014,

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Destiny PS4 Review


Destiny is by no means a flawless game, but it’s able to overshadow its faults by offering superb gameplay while blending everything into a singular, truly fun experience. [...]

September 18, 2014 Playstation 4, Reviews
Aritana and the

Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather

Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather offers the right amount of challenge and enjoyment with many throwbacks to our favorite platformers. [...]

September 17, 2014 PC, Reviews
The Waste Land PC Review

The Waste Land

It’s a story about the consequences of vice, the forsaking of values and a quest for redemption, with a colorful level design and likable features borrowed from games like Zelda, but there are several interface design choices that make both [...]

September 16, 2014 PC, Reviews
Murasaki Baby PS Vita Review

Murasaki Baby

A not-too-typical little girl awakes from her slumber looking for her mommy. With her mom nowhere in sight and in a world that seems straight out of a Tim Burton movie, the girl needs help and guidance. You are tasked [...]

September 16, 2014 PS Vita, Reviews
Heavy Metal Thunder iOS

Heavy Metal Thunder

Regrettably, despite my initial interest in Heavy Metal Thunder, and my high hopes for a piece of gripping and thrilling science fiction set in an inspired and fleshed-out universe, the final product failed to entertain me with every dull page-turn. [...]

September 15, 2014 iOS, Reviews

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

The iOS version of Dual Destinies is, surprisngly, the definitive edition of the game. [...]

September 15, 2014 iOS, Reviews

Lichdom: Battlemage

Lichdom crafts an intoxicating blend of frantic, skill-based combat and deep role-playing mechanics that makes it a solid choice for action fans. The bullet sponge enemies prevent the mage from feeling as powerful as he could, but the sheer variety [...]

September 12, 2014 PC, Reviews

Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed

It’s the kind of the game that you can sit back and enjoy with an open mind, and be immersed in a world that seems so alien to western society. [...]

September 11, 2014 PS Vita, Reviews
Magicmaker PC Review


But at the end of the day, the sheer volume of fun I had with Magicmaker overcomes my complaints. It may not be perfect, it may not even be ‘worth’ the launch price, but it IS something most definitely worth [...]

September 10, 2014 PC, Reviews
Infamous First Light PS4 Featured Image

inFamous: First Light

If you enjoyed any part of the previous inFamous games, there is enough in First Light for you to enjoy that makes its purchase a no brainer. It's gorgeous and fun, and another excellent example of the kind of things [...]

September 10, 2014 Playstation 4, Reviews
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TIFFANY(NJ), LLC., a Delaware


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