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Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3

Reviews, XboxJoel SzerlipDDR
Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3


If ever a game has produced a pop culture phenomenon, it has been Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution, which has just brought a whole new style of dancing to the scene. The series started several years ago and has really taken off not only in arcades, movie theatres, and bowling alleys but has made a splash on the home consoles as well. Well today we are going to check out yet another DDR game, this one for the Xbox. A game in which it tries to bring online play to the table, with some new music, and some new moves. So does Ultramix 3 for the Xbox have the winning combination? Read our full review to find out!


As I have done so many reviews of DDR games, I highly doubt anyone by now doesn’t know about this rhythm based dance game. These games are very simple to understand. Basically you jump on a direction pad and hit the directions in which are shown on the screen. This may sound easy but it is quite apparent in Ultramix 3 that this is no easy task. The Ultramix series started last year, and to say that this is one of the more challenging series is definitely an understatement.

Ultramix 3 really just expands upon what was brought to the table last year. Ultramix 3 really prides itself on multiplayer, especially on Xbox Live. The game uses the same sort of modes as before, with some additions. First off in Ultramix 1 & 2 you could see that Konami was just getting their feet wet with the Live support, but as the game progresses, the Live support gets better and better, and that is apparent in Ultramix 3. The modes have been improved online and although it can still be kind of hard to get great games online, it is still something to really have a good time with.

Offline the game really hasn’t hit any major changes, which is not really an overly bad thing. Ultramix 3 sticks with the winning formula, but offers up a lot of little mini games in a party mode, which is an interesting twist that gives some cheap thrills. There is a quest mode, which I appreciate because I like having some point for the madness in a game. I think that the developers were really about trying to make dancing interesting, and although the quest mode wasn’t spectacular, it got the job done.

The gameplay in itself is still trademark DDR, just with more songs and more ways to play. Ultramix 3 doesn’t really take the game leaps above where it has already been, but it just continually improves upon some of the great notions of the series. The upgrades in the online play were good and the amount of tracks was welcome. The gameplay is as solid as ever, and if you though the gameplay of Ultramix was good, then you will love the improvements of Ultramix 3.


Visually DDR: Ultramix 3 doesn’t do anything in the way of improving a very simple (visually speaking) game. Ultramix 3 does bring in some better looking cartoon style characters and a bit more color, but other than that you are still looking at a standard DDR style game. Most fans won’t be expecting much, and to be honest they won’t be getting much either.

Fun Factor

I have to tell you that this is really one of the harder DDR games to play out of the console series. Having just played Dance Dance Mario Mix, I have to say the difference between the game for the Nintendo Gamecube and Ultramix 3 was just a really shocking experience. To say that this game was fun however will totally depend on if you are up for the challenge. I can’t say I am a great dancer, but I can say I really enjoyed all of the great things this game had to offer. I am also happy to say that the online support was very well done and created a very fun experience.


Dance Dance Revolution: Ultramix 3 is not a huge change from what we have seen in the past, but it still contains some great improvements. If you want to see more online play, some new music, and one heck of a challenge from a DDR game, then look no further than DDR: Ultramix 3. This is one fun and challenging game that DDR fans with really enjoy.

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