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de Blob 2


Before I sat down to play de Blob 2 for the PS3 I remember thinking to myself how much the video game marketplace has changed over the years. A game like de Blob ten years ago would be going up against a denser marketplace full of platforming competition. Here in 2011 we had a great outing in LittleBigPlanet 2 but outside of that the well has remained relatively dry. Today we are checking out a game that comes as a sequel to the much underrated Wii exclusive de Blob. Does this color filled platformer have what it takes to take on the PS3 competition? Read our full review to find out.


With a game like Sonic the Hedgehog without the speed it’s a bland platformer, the same can be said with the color and de Blob. Without color, de Blob 2 isn’t a game worth talking about., however with color it’s a whole another story entirely.

de Blob 2 Screenshot

I have a feeling that most going into de Blob 2 did not play the original, and that’s OK because de Blob 2 is a perfect place to jump into the action. The games rather simple storyline consists of Comrade Black (love that name) who has taken all of the color out of the town and it’s your job to bring it back. The story is told in a very light hearted and easy flowing way and although the older crowd may not find to much to get into it has enough meat on the bones to really appeal to the younger demographics.

The Gameplay is just as simplistic as the story. You go around the different levels absorbing paint and painting the town from its shades of grey to bursting color, taking out the enemies along the way. Each level has an unnecessary time limit that can be expanded as you finish up tasks. This methodology stays pretty consistent throughout the game with variations of colors and areas thrown in for good measure. My favorite aspect of de Blob 2 however comes on the “boss buildings” where the game shifts to an old school 2D platformer and it works surprisingly well.

de Blob 2 Screenshot

I would be doing you all a disservice if I did not mention the amazing soundtrack that is intertwined into the entire games experience. If there is one thing I appreciated most about this game was the fact that it truly captures the mood and flow of the game. As things start to ramp up in a level so to does the music. A lot of times music can be overlooked in a video game but this is an example where it’s weaved in so cleanly that it feels like an integral piece of the experience.

de Blob 2 is a simple yet extremely effective platformer. The controls are spot on offering an easy game to pick up and play. The game does seem to shy away from being overly challenging and often times is a bit to helpful for its own good. However this game is one that has such a simple concept that is delivered in such a fashion that it’s hard not to get into it.


What else can I say other then de Blob 2 is a visually stunning game. For a game that is built around color you can see that the move to the more powerful consoles has translated beautifully. I am a big proponent of games that understand their own style and stick with it from start to finish and this is a perfect example of that. de Blob 2 is one of the best looking platformers I have played and manages to make the game that much more inviting to come sit down and play.

de Blob 2 Screenshot

Fun Factor

A lot of times when a game does stick to one core function the end result can become a rather tedious experience. Luckily that is just not the case with de Blob 2 which continues to increase in style and substance the further you get into it. My only gripe is that the game could have ramped up the challenge just a hair more towards the later stages of the game. My guess would be that the game is focusing on a younger demographic then I would fit in. All in all though de Blob 2 was one of those games I could pick up for a half hour put down and come back to and enjoy it all over again.

de Blob 2 Screenshot


My hope after playing through de Blob 2 is that it’s not overlooked like its predecessor. Although not a perfect platformer, de Blob 2 is a game that reminded me of experiences I had when I was first just getting into video games over twenty years ago. For anyone who may have missed the original or even for those that didn’t this is a game that is at the very least worth a rental.

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