Destroy All Humans! 2


As much as the video game industry has progressed over the years, there is still one concept that holds as true today as it did when the industry first started, and that is that fun concept usually means fun experience. This was the case last year with THQ’s alien science fiction spoof Destroy All Humans!, a game that combined just a very light-hearted fun idea and made for one really enjoyable experience. Today a year later we are checking out the next installment in the series that tries to use the same concept. But can it be twice as fun? Read our full review of Destroy All Humans! 2 for the PS2 to find out!


I really did find the original Destroy All Humans! game to be a breath of fresh air. With so many games based off WWII or some sort of military operation in the Middle East, it was nice to see a new concept be used one that wasn’t as "by the numbers". To me, what Destroy All Humans! did best was exactly that, it gave a different but still very enjoyable experience. Now a year later it seems like it would be hard for the developers to become the new and original in a year’s time, but could they manage enough new to make this years game to feel fresh?

For those who were not able to get their hands on the previous game, then let me get you caught up on the game’s premise. Basically the main idea behind Destroy All Humans! 2 is that you take the role of Crypto, a somewhat sarcastic and sly alien who really is quite a treat on the screen. Basically the game takes place in 1969 and this is a time where Crypto is taking the role of the US President when things go haywire and the Russians kill his boss. So from there Crypto just ends up taking on this vengeance and thus the game has begun and another adventure with Crypto is now upon us.

Although I had thought that the original Destroy all Humans! was a light experience, this year they have actually taken out some to make it even more accessible. One of the big things last year was being in stealth while taking control of a human. You still do take control of humans, it’s just not as necessary as much of the games strategy has been turned into straight on action. Is this a bad thing? Well for the overall depth of the game, however the game has placed a lot of added content in new objects/weapons.

This was a huge part of Destroy All Humans!, and it was good to see that the weapons have been expanded a great deal in this title. Last year you could upgrade your weapon, and this year the upgrades continue to be a big part of the action and also help the experience continue. One of the new the weapons that caught my eye was one that brought about a massive meteor shower taking out everyone around you. There are still a lot of the same weapons as well from the original which for the most part have gone unchanged and still work pretty well.

The entire pacing on Destroy all Humans! 2 is really much of what we saw from last year’s game. The game still has that same arcade feel that it had before, just with more weapons and less focus on strategy. The only other big change that there was is in the side missions, which just seem much more comprehensive and not so thrown in there like last year’s did. Other then that this is still the same great alien spoof that manages to bring in another high quality story with good action and just a great slew of weapons. Would we have liked to have seen more done with the gameplay? Sure. But what the developers managed to in the year was add just enough new content to still make it an extremely enjoyable game.


Visually I really thought with the year the developers would have really had more updated in terms of detail and color. The game still does manage to use detail and color to its advantage in the character models (especially Crypto), which was the strong suit for last year’s game. However in the environments you start to see a big need for detail as well as more variety, as there are just so many of the same environments you can really look at before just wanting more.

Fun Factor

One of the big strengths about both the original game and the sequel is that they know exactly what they are going for. Sure they could have tried to make this some sort of blockbuster style action alien shoot em’ up, but instead they created a very witty and enjoyable action adventure game. Much of the humor is the same in this new version, and once again it just manages to keep things very enjoyable without takes itself too seriously.


In the end, some may say there is not enough new here to make Destroy All Humans! 2 worthwhile. And as much as you can see room for improvement, this is still a game that uses a very novel yet simple idea and constructs an enjoyable gaming experience. Anyone who enjoyed the original game will find still a lot to love in Destroy All Humans! 2 as well.

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