Have you ever come across a game where you just had no idea what to expect? No idea what the objective of the game was? Or even if it was a game at all? That is how I felt going into playing the latest Playstation Network downloadble game Flower. This was one of those games that Sony really touted while pushing their Playstation Network service. So Flower is now out, and I have two questions I will answer. Is it a game, and is it any good? Read our full review to find out!


I will never forget the moment when I first loaded Flower up, I really cleared my head of any past notions of the game and was just ready to experience this game. You are set into this rather odd menu where you see a really dim room with a dying Flower. The menu asks you to tilt your controller using the Sixaxis support to the dead flower and hold any button. Then your brought into the world of Flower.

There is very limited story, but they do come in the way of cutscenes before each level, kind of a brief intro to what your about to parade into. And then the game sets you away with little to no instructions on what to do. I played through twice really not sure what I was doing just floating around not sure what to do. What is so interesting about Flower however is that if that is what you want to do the game is perfect fine with that. Flower from what I found is more of an experience then it is a traditional video game.

After a few tries I did get the hang of the game and found that it is a lot deeper then I had originally experienced. The game is really focused on bringing the gameplay, graphics, and sound all together to make a rather neat and engaging experience. When you do get back on the path that Flower sets out for you it can feel a bit linear, but I think everything really does come together rather majestically.

The only real issue I had with Flower was the length. It should take anywhere from 1-2 hours to beat this game. For $10 this may deter some, and for me I find it a little disappointing. Flower offers such a unique experience that it really is a shame that there is so little game time to be had. The developers to make up for this did make a lot of objectives using trophies as your guide, but if your like me I would much prefer more gameplay then trophies.


Visually, Flower is one of those experiences that you just want to show friends, to show them what the PS3 is capable of doing, it is that gorgeous. As I mentioned before the greatest achievement this game has made is make a beautiful symmetry between graphics, music, and gameplay.  Really the only lacking part on Flower is the lack of levels to tout off the beautiful visuals, as I mention the short length does take away from the majestic look and feel of Flower.

Fun Factor

Flower to me was an experience that if you don’t go into with an open mind may be an experience that you just end up overlooking. You really have to stick with Flower and give it your full chance to really get into it. I know from personal experience that Flower is not going to be for everyone, its just a lot different from your typical experience that some are just going to push back. But I think if your open minded and willing to experience something new and different Flower is an enjoyable time.


More then anything I hope Flower is successful, we need more games that take such big risks like Flower. I think more then anything, Flower proves that you can still make a great game without being a FPS or a Sports game and that to me is quite refreshing. Although I would have liked to have seen a longer experience, if your in the market for  new and unique experience look no further then Flower.

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