God of War II


Most of the time whenever a new console replaced the old one, we’ll see a major decline in the amount and quality of games released for the old system. This is true for the GameCube and Xbox, which has saw little to no titles released at all. But Sony does things differently; even with the release of the PlayStation 3, developers are still churning out top notch titles for the PlayStation 2. Probably one of the last "blockbusters" to be released on the Playstation 2 is God of War II, the sequel to arguably one of the best PS2 games ever. Can this sequel still do the business for an aging console? Read our full review to find out!


As I mentioned before, the fact that God of War II is coming out on the Playstation 2 does give a lot of us the scratching of the head as to why Sony wouldn’t want to bring this out on the Playstation 3. Maybe it was development time, maybe Sony has plans for an even bigger third title for the franchise. All I know is that for us who paid the $600 to get into the next Playstation era, I for one was disappointed not to see the game on the Playstation 3. But I suppose that even though the game isn’t out on the PS3, it still has been released and that is exciting all in itself.

For those who didn’t play God of War, well you definitely missed out on one of the most engaging action game ever. It provided a truly new and innovative way at looking at the genre and managed to supply us with a fantastic storyline to go along with it. God of War II starts right where the first game left off, and that means you’re a God. Now unfortunately your reign doesn’t last all that long and you find yourself stripped away of all your abilities from Zeus and must now quest along to get revenge. The story is once again brilliantly put together, and if the action doesn’t warrant you to want to keep moving, the story sure will. It also hosts a fantastic voice cast that I believe truly help the story even more.

When I talked about God of War I had one huge problem with it, that just seemed out of place, and that was nudity. I understand that some people are more sensitive to certain materials, whether it be language, violence, or sex, everyone has their preference. I am much more sensitive to sexual material which is found in God of War and even more boldly in God of War II in the way of a mini game. The implementation of this seems to only be there for the sake of including it. It’s relevance to the game and to the overall experience seems thin at best. It’s just a shame that the developers continually stoop to adding this content when without it it’s still a great game. But once again I digress and leave the overall opinion on the inclusion up to you and your personal preference.

Moving on, let’s get into the gameplay, which is a mix of hack and slash action, minor puzzle solving, and boss fights. In fact, the very beginning of the game has you on an extremely challenging and entertaining boss fight that really sets the mood for the game nicely. The game continues to thrive on this brilliant pace throughout, offering up once again an all around great experience. The game still has the button synchronization elements, which makes you hit all the right buttons in order to get the ultimate result, usually something that is extremely over the top and gruesome, and yet still satisfying.

The gameplay hasn’t been changed that much, just expanding on content that was already there. This would be a bad thing for a game that wasn’t already rich with content, but when a game expands an already great game then you’re still in for a excellent experience. God of War II also still remains a challenging game that will have you scratching your head at some of the bosses and puzzles. The answer to exactly what you should do in the game isn’t always apparent, so you have to be careful to pay close attention to everything in the game as that will provide you with the best chance.

The ending experience of God of War II is just as satisfying if not more so than what we saw in the original game. God of War II has all of the makings of a pure blockbuster with a fantastic storyline, great gameplay, and an overall perspective that manages to keep things interesting from start to finish.


Even on an older console like the Playstation 2, you still have a game that is able to masterfully use the technology at its disposal to make a great looking game, as is the case with God of War II. The cut scenes in the game are probably the most impressive, with just amazing detail and just an overall feel that makes you hope there ends up being a movie for the game. God of War II does look very similar to what we saw in the original game, but still manages to keep the game looking as good as you can expect it to.

Fun Factor

Very few action games are able to remain entertaining after long periods of time. However in the case of God of War II, you have an experience that combines both a great game structure with an ultra satisfying style. God of War II has all of the concepts of the original game, but in a lot of ways they have been extended and maximized into a beautiful package. God of War II has a beautiful style and great voice acting talent that makes for one of the most enjoyable experiences that you’re going to find on the Playstation 2.


I want to say that God of War II is perfect, but where it comes up short is "new content". A lot of what you see in this game you have seen before, and its hard to say that a game that borrows so much is perfect. With that being said, it’s as close as you can get to perfection. With beautiful visuals, amazing gameplay and a thoroughly engaging story, you’d be hard pressed to find anything better on the PS2 at this time.

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