Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2


The Hot Shots Golf franchise has been a staple for the Playstation brand of consoles and handhelds since the very beginning. The oversized heads and cartoon style golf courses have always had a special place in gamers hearts and has always proved as the arcade counterpart to games like Tiger Woods PGA Tour. Today we are checking out the next iteration in Hot Shots Golf on the PSP with Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 which hopes to continue the successful path of many games before it. Is this one to check out? Read our full review to find out!


One of the things that I have always enjoyed about Hot Shots Golf titles is that they stay very true to themselves, there very rarely a game that wants to be itself more then what you find in this game. With that being said Open Tee 2 does what it can to take this winning formula and build upon it instead of on top of it. So what has changed in this game?

Well there is more content for one, the game has managed to expand in numerous ways, with more courses, players, and more to do. The main attraction in the game is still the challenge mode which has be revamped a bit to give more interest to the player. The game still isn’t going to compete with the likes of a career mode in Tiger Woods PGA Tour but there are some nice touches done to this game to make them a worthwhile addition. The main goal here however is to unlock all the players you can, and also continue through the many courses that the game has to offer.

The controls haven’t changed all that much which I think for me and everyone else is a good thing. Unlike Tiger Woods PGA Tour which goes for much more of a simulation the simple pressing of X will at least get you started. The game does allow for more complexities on your shot which are learned throughout and make for a deeper experience for those who want a deeper experience. The controls are good, they stay consistent and although not that complex get the job done nonetheless.

What I like about Open Tee 2 is that its improvements although not substantial are enough to make it feel like a worthwhile new experience. The real improvement in the game comes to the addition of online multiplayer via Wi-Fi. Now you not only can play against friends locally but can take on the world in a one on one match or tournament with up to 16 competitors. From my experience the online worked rather well, I only had one hiccup where I got disconnected but outside of that the games went flawlessly and worked to perfection.

What you get with Open Tee 2 is a good solid upgrade from the previous version. This game is just as smooth and polished as the first game with more modes, more content, and just the same great game. This is the type of game that with these improvements really makes for a great game of arcade golf.


While although I am a big fan of the big headed golfers I have to say that the visuals in Open Tee 2 don’t look all that different from the past game. That is not to say that the past game is a bad looking game but there were areas especially on the course that could have used a facelift. The new courses are nice, they have a lot of creative ideas, but in general I still think they are lacking detail. Where the game lacks in detail in makes up for it with beautiful uses of color and cartoonish flare that has always been a staple for the franchise.

Fun Factor

There is no denying that an arcade game of golf is always more fun then hacking your way on the real course. I can remember the last time I went to the local links and just plowed my way through a miserable round, and yet in Open Tee 2 it seemed so much easier and so much more enjoyable then cursing at my ball for continuously making its path to the nearest sand trap or water hazard. What this game has always done great is not taken itself to seriously and the additions to the game go along the same line being that you have a game that is just a fun easy going game of golf that is full of deep modes and solid online play.


If your a fan of Hot Shots Golf then 2008 seems to be a great year for you as now this marks the second solid outing for the series (the first being on the PS3 a few months prior). If you enjoyed the original and are wondering if this is a worthy successor my answer would be absolutely there is plenty of new content, and the online play is quite the treat.

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