Sucker Punch are the developers for some of my favorite Playstation 2 titles including their amazing work with the Sly Cooper franchise. These games combined a great art style with an amazing platforming experience. After their work on this storied franchise, many gamers were wondering what was next for the very popular developers. Well the answer has arrived and they have released their first game to the PS3 in Infamous an action adventure game that hopes to continue Sucker Punch’s storied run on the Playstation 2 and now with Infamous on the Playstation 3. So how does Infamous turn out? Read our full review to find out!


I have to say that the hype for Infamous on the PS3 has been varied, although the early buzz for this game was incredible then the game neared release and we just didn’t hear that much about the game. The reasoning behind that may be due to E3, or it may have to do with the struggling economy. Whatever the reason the game is now out and the big question is does it have what it takes to play with the big boys on the Playstation 3.

A lot of what makes Infamous unique is its story, whether its the way the story is told or if it is the truly in depth story the game really goes all out in this department. You play as Cole a normal guy who ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time. While trying to deliver a package he finds himself in the middle of a huge explosion where he then gets some crazy abilities. You play in Empire City a very alive and now struggling area full of bad guys and all sorts of problems. From this blast however Cole is given these powers using electricity it are these powers where the video game comes into play. Cole now has the ability to yield electricity whether as a weapon or an ability to float in the air, heck the guy can heal from electrical lines and transformers.

This is one of the many games that is trying to use a morality system to either choose the path of good or evil. The game does do a good job of laying out the path and although I thought the path of evil was more fun, I ultimately went with the path of good. Regardless of what path you go down, the narrative behind the game is one of the games strongest suits. The game is told in this really stylistic comic book sense that really sets the mood for the game right from the start and it all comes together quite nice.

The action in the game is massive, this is an open world sand box style game that allows you to roam around the world at your leisure and pick up missions as you go. There are main missions, side missions, and all sorts of things to keep you busy. The side missions like many sandbox style games can get repetitive but the story based missions are quite fantastic. The shear size of some of the games story missions are quite impressive, and help progressing the story. These missions range from taking out bad guys, hunting down different things, and doing all sorts of different missions. What is so impressive about Infamous is not that its revolutionary in the way its missions run but instead the emotional connection you get in this game. You really feel like your in a city that has just been devastated by a major catastrophe something that very few games have been able to do.

All in all Infamous has all the bells and whistles that an open world sandbox game needs. It has a strong leveling system them makes for a strong desire to move forward coupled with the amazing storyline. The game has some drawbacks, but they are few and far between. What should be noted more then anything is the astounding job Sucker Punch did in making this game, and more specifically making a game that not only connects with its audience but really makes you apart of an experience that is unique to the video game world.


One of the true joys of playing Infamous is because of the great art style. It is one that I find hard to describe but I would say it has a grit of a Sin City but with its own real unique overtone to it. The guys and gals over at Sucker Punch similar to what they did in the Sly Cooper franchise really managed to take over the presentation of the game and make it their own. You could see some definite comic book fans were involved in creating this game and they pull it off with great success. I should also mention that for a game with no loading the frame rate does a really good job of keeping up with the heavy action found in Infamous.

Fun Factor

This is not a first person shooter, and yet I am still talking about it with really high praise, see I told you could still make great games that aren’t FPS. Although the market is still tending to stick with the FPS genre, it is nice and refreshing to see the power of other forms of action still making their way on store shelves. The controls for Infamous are a little touchy and they do take some time to get used to. At first I was a little frustrated with the control scheme but the more I played through the game the more the game really did warm up to me and take me in for one heck of a ride.


Infamous is a huge game, not only in size but also a huge game for the Playstation 3. This is a console that is still searching for identity and for a game to really surprise people and this is a game that does just that. Infamous may not be on everyones radar screen but it it has every reason to be. Infamous is one of the best games so far in 2009 and if you have a PS3 you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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