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We are half way through 2011 and its been a great year for gaming. The amount of “AAA” titles already is staggering and the potential for the rest of the year looks amazing. One of the first big titles of the 2nd half of 2011 is inFamous 2 a Playstation 3 exclusive and follow-up to the original action hero from June 2009. So does the second title build upon the first? Read our full review to find out.

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Going into inFamous 2 I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sucker Punch (developers) had a lot of different directions they could have gone after the first outing. Sure inFamous was a stand out open world action game but it wasn’t perfect. So does Naughty Dog have what it takes to build upon the first games successes?

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Unlike many open world games, the story of inFamous 2 is bright and center for the entire experience. You reprise the role of Cole McGrath who makes a mad dash out of Empire City that has been destroyed by the Beast and heads to New Marais. Where I would consider the original story good, inFamous 2 has an incredible story. inFamous 2 is very dialogue heavy during cut scenes and that is another strong point for the game although it isn’t without a few cheesy lines here and there.

The overall gameplay will be very familiar to anyone who played the original. The controls have been tightened up a bit but are still extremely loose. For me I had to once again get used to having a lot of extra give in both jumping and movements. inFamous 2 is not a game that does well in tight spaces but instead excels when your running around the games massive environments and using ranged attacks.

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inFamous 2 is around a twenty hour experience although you can spend a lot more time running around doing many more of the games side quests. To me the game is at its best when you’re running around on electric wires, hitting a few side quests, jump into a story mission, and then repeat. The flow is such that you always feel like your making progress without blitzing your way through it.


Visually inFamous 2 are also a far superior game from its predecessor. There is a lot more variation in the games environments that are mirrored closely after a city like New Orleans. The game still holds the same comic book style with bright colors and over the top action. With all of the action in the game you might worry about the games frame rate however inFamous 2 manages to keep a consistent rate throughout the experience even with some larger the life enemies.

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Fun Factor

Similar to the first game I had to warm up to the inFamous experience.  The loose controls require an acquired taste that I still think can be improved. The game also gives you a lot of powerful abilities early on and instead of increasing the difficulty of enemies they just throw more at you. The experience of inFamous 2 is optimized by its great use of the open environment and giving the player plenty of options to go through the game.

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There is no question that inFamous 2 is one of the most enjoyable experiences thus far in 2011. inFamous 2 is quite the epic experience and one that if you enjoyed the original you have to pick up this game and see what Cole has in store for himself this time.

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